Friday, 28 October 2016

How to eat to lose body weight

I used to interview elite bodybuilders on their training and eating for a living and did this for years and years. One reoccurring theme that kept popping up when talk turned to diet/nutrition was how much food top bodybuilders packed away on a daily basis. These men taught their bodies how to handle continually greater amounts of calories without becoming fat. Contrast this with the typical obese person who eats one meal a day and adds body fat at the drop of a hat. I am working with a crew of obese folks and having great success using modified bodybuilder eating tactics to help the obese lose body fat.
The first order of business for the obese is to establish a multiple meal schedule. The obvious advantage to this strategy is it divides the daily calories in smaller chunks. I require the obese person to eat every three hours and this usually works out to five feedings a day. Secondly we insist they clean up the food selections. Some foods are easily converted into body fat (sugar foods, manmade foods and saturated fat) and some foods are near impossible for the body to convert into fat (lean protein, fibrous carbohydrates). The body’s metabolism kicks into high gear to digest protein and fiber – creates what is called the thermogenic effect of food. Body temperature actually increases when the digestive system is faced with the daunting task of breaking down hard to digest protein and fiber.
Multiple meals allow the body to deal with fewer calories at any one sitting and the repeated practice of eating 5-6 meals a day teaches the body to become adept at digesting and distributing food. Better to eat 3,000 “clean” calories a day divided into six five hundred-calorie daily meals than one 1,500 calorie mega-dirty fast-food meal.
The results are astounding when the obese buy into the approach. I have one male who has lost 40-pounds of bodyweight in 40 days while simultaneously adding 12-pounds of muscle. He started at 240 and yesterday he weighed 200. This is far more impressive because didn’t lose muscle in the process, he added muscle in the process. This was no ex-jock loaded with muscle memory; this is a 48-year old man with zero weight training experience.
Obese folks who slash calories end up losing as much fat as muscle and end up as miniaturized versions of the old fat selves. This modified bodybuilder approach melts fat while simultaneously adding muscle: the obese person eats more and as a direct result feels energized and vibrant during the process. Contrast this with the calorie-slasher who feels deprived, denied and continually on the verge of a binge. A person who eats wholesome foods every three hours is far less likely to binge and blow their diet than some poor obese person subsisting on 1200 calories a day. The calorie starved obese individual has set their caloric ceiling set so low that eating a candy bar or a bowl of ice cream causes them to add five pounds in 24-hours.
Adding functional muscle and building strength allows the obese person to become mobile and adept at climbing steps, getting out of a low chair and powering their bulk around. Compare this to the calorie-slasher who actually weakens their already weak body. Those who depend on deprivation to trigger bodyweight loss weaken the immune system and continually contract colds and sickness.
Those who live on 1000 to 1500 calories a day live in a stressful psychological world of denial. A person who has elevated their metabolism and consumes 3,000 calories a day can absorb an occasional binge far, far better than a person starving; I allow my folks a cheat meal once a week: this allows them to feel psychologically free. The interesting thing about the cheat meal (not cheat day – cheat meal) is that by “being good” the other 6 7/8’s of the time the sweets, fat and junk they crave and might eat are rejected by the body and classically results in diarrhea.
I train five obese folks I currently work with — one man and four women — and all are experiencing similarly spectacular results: all are losing unhealthy fat while building functional muscle and eating more food than they did before they commenced the process. This counterintuitive approach – eat more to lose fat – was torn right out of the playbook of champion bodybuilders and can be used to great effect by anyone interested in losing fat while adding muscle.

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Drescott - UYO 2 SURULERE @drescottt

LASS B RECORDS Presents "Drescott" as he debuts with a Killer Tune - UYO 2 SURULERE. Brain Isaac Godwin a.k.a Drescott an indigenous singer and rapper is from Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. The rising star has hit up with his first single produced by DJ Coublon, Mixed and mastered by Kelv jay.

Hit Drescott up on your favorite social media;

Twitter: rescottt [@Drescottt]

Instagram: https://www.instagr [@Drescottt]

Management: m/officiallassb [@officiallassb] +2348037265051


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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Five facts about E-commerce bushines you need

When you start a new ecommerce business there are so many unknowns. Just the mere fact that you don’t know what to expect can cause some anxiety. Add the fact that it is a new business and you are not sure of your competitions hold on the market, you can get overwhelmed rather quickly. But there are a few facts that if you have them in your arsenal of understanding, can help you tremendously. Unfortunately if you do not have a mentor or someone that can tell you these things you have to experience them on your own.

1.Finding Products is not always easy.

Finding products to stock your site with can be a challenge. Oh sure there are plenty of so called “wholesalers” out there that are willing to drop ship for you, but they are not always the best option. First of all, I have to test each potential wholesaler or drop ship partner because I am putting my name on their service. This normally goes against my belief of counting on someone else for your success. But it has to be done. Then there is price. Finding a good margin that makes it worth your while is another task that has to be done. If you are going to go to all the trouble of building a great site and spending time linking it and building its reputation, you might as well make a decent living at it. I spend a lot of time looking at my competition and try to offer something that they do not carry. Sometimes you have to reach into your bag of tricks and figure out which products you can bundle to make your offerings more unique. This takes time, and there is not anyone out there that tells you this bit of information. Its always a good idea to fully explore importing your products from the very beginning. Using the drop shippers to explore the sales potential and then import for a better margin is a good planning tactic.

2.Starting on a shoestring does not work.

We are bombarded with so many ads about people starting their businesses on a shoestring and how easy it was for them to get success. Truthfully that is one of the most irritating mindsets that is promoted today. If you are thinking about going into the ecommerce business world, make a budget and make it so there is enough cash to do some things that rob you of your precious time. Starting websites on a shoestring does not work and you will just drive yourself crazy. Maybe you can do it on eBay, but it does not work well in the ecommerce world if you want to be a long term player. Just the linking strategy that it takes today to be a player can take up a large part of your budget.

3.Build a system. If you are starting from scratch, build your site around a system.

Think about how people are going to navigate around your site. What kind of paperwork are you going to need? What kind of software do you need to stay organized? How often do you need the bookkeeper to come? Do you need help with some manual labor? How does product get shipped out in a timely manner when its ordered? These are all things you need to consider and build before you open the doors. What happens if you don’t? You will be the fireman that runs around putting out all of the fires that pop up in day to day operation. This will steal you from the things that enable you to work “on” your business instead of working “in” it. You want to build a business that does not hold you hostage. It should be organized so that anyone could come in an learn what you are doing and how you do it

4.When shipping product, plan for the worse case scenario.

If you are planning on using a drop shipper, find out what the system is for problems before you start. What is their return policy? How do you handle a part that is broken? How is the tracking numbers handled? What if a customer has a question you cannot answer? You can either be a hero in this area or the villain. Again this is the scenario that someone could control your reputation. Another reality to plan for is to fully understand that shipping damage is a reality. At some point in time, your products will get lost, and damaged and stolen. You have to know this is going to happen or it will cause a lot of anxiety. Pre plan this into your budget, assign it a number. Figure out what percentage you will have to replace or refund from the very start and it will never surprise you. It is a fact of life. When you use notable shippers, its good to understand the shipping process. When you ship something chances are that you packed the item or had it packed. Then it gets picked up by the driver and taken to the local sort. Then the product either gets trucked (ground) or flown to a sort facility. It is then sorted and put on the appropriate truck or plane to go to the destination town, sorted again, put on a truck and delivered to your customer. The point is, there a lot of hands touching your product and a lot of opportunities for damage. The more people involved the greater the chance of damage opportunities. Most of this happens at night, labor turnover at the sort facility is very very high. I have seen many packages with the fragile stickers on them being tossed to workers trying to make a sort deadline. Get the picture?

5.Your business can be an emotional roller coaster.

If you let it and fail to plan, it can drive you crazy with trying to wear all the hats. Just knowing that nothing goes smooth all the time is somewhat calming. It took me a long time to realize that “it’s not just me”. Problem’s are common and no one business is problem free. I have a few tools that really help me when I start to feel like I am not getting anything done.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Beautiful -Sani Danja

King of the North Sani Danja drops yet another single titled “Beautiful“, This is coming after he previously released “Joy“ featuring Vector.

His consistency in the game is glazing from TV commercials to movies and music, The song 'Beautiful' was produced by Kenny Wonder, mixed and mastered by MarQai.

Enjoy below and share.

Direct Download

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Monday, 24 October 2016

How to advertise your business for free

What a wonderful invention it is, this thing we call the Internet!
If you would just take your time to know your way around, you could discover a lot of premium products and services being offered for free. What’s best is that there is a seemingly endless number of these wonderful finds, what with the Internet being a vast network of constantly evolving ideas and all!
Among these magnificent benefits is the chance to be able to promote your business, any business, online, free of charge! It doesn’t matter if your enterprise is a purely online or offline venture, the World Wide Web is home to a great number of marketing opportunities that you could avail of, with no damage to your business’ budget whatsoever.
Advertising can be a big problem otherwise. A lot of companies reserve a big chunk of their budgets to cover marketing expenditures. Sometimes, these gambles pay off, but there are occasions when they fail miserably, putting to waste some good money that could have been used in other areas of development for the business involved.
But with the many channels available online, marketing has become a less risky course of action. There so many avenues available online where you could advertise your business for free and attain more exposure for your products or services. Here are some of them.

1. You could advertise through your own website. Ordinarily, you should pay a nominal fee for web hosting and your domain name. A paid web hosting service is more reliable. Your own domain name would impress upon your visitors an immediate sense of professionalism. But if you don’t want to spend for them, there are a lot of free web space providers on the Internet!

2. You could advertise through other people’s websites. And you could do this in a lot of ways too! You could create a banner that would summarize your business’ offers and have it displayed on existing pages. Or if you have your won website for your business, you could use the said banner to link to your pages, or you could even settle for simple links. Additionally, you could have other webmasters rave about your venture and they could talk about it in their own websites.

3. You could create your own affiliate program. By giving commissions as incentive, you could invite a lot of Internet users to become your affiliates. Each affiliate would work to help you make a sale. It’s like having a battalion of sales representatives that you’d only have to pay if they manage to refer a willing customer!

4. You could try viral marketing. Viral marketing is the online equivalent of word o mouth advertising. By giving away something for free, for as long as that something has a link or a simple reference to your business, you’re encouraging the recipient to spread the word about your business to the people he knows. This would result in the exponential expansion of your business message like wildfire.

5. You could advertise in online communities. Forums and mailing lists are popular venues that could likewise convey your business message. Membership to these groups is usually free. Additionally, you could also create your own mailing list and start capturing leads for future sales by doing some helpful follow-ups.
The Internet is a great place for promoting your business. There are five million people online at any given time and the world is, quite literally, your market. It would be best for your business to capitalize on this wonderful opportunity and expand your audience a thousand fold bigger!
And you wouldn’t even have to spend a penny while you’re at it.

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Friday, 21 October 2016

Free SEO Keywords Research guide for websites

In the Field of SEO-Search engine optimization, choosing keywords is one of the most important tasks. You should choose keyword wisely. Choosing keyword is not a guessing Game but it is an art.

Why to choose keywords?

As you probably aware of search engine traffic. Search engine traffic is very very important for success of any website. It is estimated that approximately 65 to 85% of traffic (average) coming from search engine (however is depends on how you promote your website).search engine is only way to create highly targeted traffic.

You can improve visitor to sales ratio of your website if you successfully receive traffic from search engine. Or improve your revenue by attracting more visitors.

If you are selling Music CDs online. If your website is on top for key Phrase like “Music CD” on all Major search engines then just think how many people will search for Music CD in a day?? I think lots of. Now. This is the way you are getting visitor searching for Music CDs. However there will be lots of search in a day for term CD like

[1] Software CDs
[2] E-Book CDs
[3] Video CDs
[4] Game CDs etc…

But traffic coming form these terms is Meaningless for you to create sales. So your page should be relevant only for Key phrases like music CDs, audio CDs etc … so it will be better to choose Keywords related to your business rather than selecting randomly or blindly. I hope you will now able to understand importance of choosing better keywords

How to choose keywords?

There are lots of tools for choosing better Keywords like Nichebot, overture keyword suggestion tool, Wordtracker etc…First decide “what is your target market?” and then use these tools. Example you are selling E-books related to website design. Than you should first research how many people every day search for ‘Web Design E-books” go to for that and simply search Web Design E-books.

Nichebot will provide you count of last 60 days for this Key Phrase. We can see that Count for this key phrase is………..Or Go to site and search for this keyword Phrase and you will see related information on specific key phrase and you will be able to get information related to this keyword. Phrase.

They will provide you all related keywords

Example: For “Directory submission” you will see following related or nearly related Keywords. (This can also help to receive ONLY targeted traffic…)

Related term-count(average search in two month)
Directory submission-3978
Search engine directory submission-679
Search engine submission software directory-266
directory internet submission-163
directory website submission-159
directory engine search submission-133
directory submission services-129

Follow this Url to know more>>

you can follow one of the following tool for keyword research.

Here is a list of top free Keyword research tools. visit it.>>

the list include keyword suggestion tools,keyword analyzer tools,keyword density checker tools and lot more...

Now you have to decide which Keyword is less competitive for your website and you can easily reach on top. Based on that you should place these Keywords on your site...

Where and How to place these Keywords?

You are now familiar with keyword/key phrases. Now Question is ‘where to Put these keywords?” here are some places where you can place these keywords

[1] Meta tags
[2] Title Tags
[3] Through out the Description on the page

Meta tags:-

Meta tags are invisible for Visitor and as you might know search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN are Not providing weight to them to rank your page. But still you can place your keywords in Meta title, keywords and description section.

Title Tags:-

This is very important place where you should place your keyword for better ranking in search engine. The main Keywords must be here for which you are optimizing your site. Try to include its synonyms Key phrases / keywords also to receive traffic of related keywords.

Example you can create your title like this way

Buy Music CDs online: The shop for buying audio CDs online
You are including your two targeted keywords here.


After title tags this is also one of the most important section where you can place your keywords. But don’t go over bound .density of keywords/ phrases should be 7-10%. Otherwise search engines will consider it as keyword stuffing and your rank will go down rather than improving

Other places where you can place these keywords:

Images: –

you can choose name of images like music_cds.gif audio_cds.jpg etc rather than 0545.gif and image.jpg! This will improve relevancy of your page for related keyword

Name of domain, Sub directory and sub domain:-

Before you choose any domain name, directory or sub directory you should consider your keywords/ key phrases and also choose them according to your target market.

Just look at my site. I selected sub domain for my site like and for targeting my keywords.

Now see source code of Page

you will find that to improve relevancy of my page related to keywords I also kept name of my logo like this
directory_submission_and_link_building.png .

then I placed title like Directory submission service. And placed this keyword phrase in whole my page is relevant for keyword phrase “directory submission”, “directory submission service”. Or ‘web directory submission” etc…

I have chosen every sub domain according to this to improve relevancy for specific keywords
I strongly recommend you to choose your sub domain or sub directory wisely. if you are creating just a page then you can select like this …

./directory-submission.html because search engines text matching will match this keyword and will rank your site on top with your competitor.

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Badniss Ft. K-Dream - So So Fine Remix | @OfficialBadniss

Formerly known as So Essential, Reggae/dancehall act Badniss drops the Remix of So So Fine featuring Top Dutch Capitol's (TDC) Very own act K-Dream to kick start the journey to his EP Kingston Korrect. So So Fine Remix was produced by Blaisebeats.


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