IGP Appoints New Police Spokesman

IGP Appoints New Police Spokesman

The new Acting Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, has appointed Don Awunah as the new Force Public Relations Officer to replace Olabisi Kolawole who was the Force Public Relations Officer from August 2015 to June, 2016.

Until his new assignment, Mr. Awunah was deputy commissioner of Police in charge of Homicide Section of Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID) Abuja.
MVP - TANGO (Prod. by Echo)

MVP - TANGO (Prod. by Echo)

Following the release of the first single "Sope Ti E" off his EP project, Turnt Until Something Happens, the Microphone Killer, MVP premieres another fresh single titled Tango.

Tango (prod. by Echo) is a feel good jam about MVP's "sexcapades2 with a regular girl.

As the continued release of weekly hits of the TUSH Ep continues, this song would make you Tango in anticipation.

This surely bangs!


Senator Saraki and Ekweremadu granted bail

Senator Saraki and Ekweremadu granted bail

Justice of the federal capital territory (FCT) high court, has granted bail to Senate President Bukola Saraki, his deputy Ike Ekweremadu, and two other accused persons, Salisu Maikasuwa, former clerk of the national assembly, and Benedict Efeturi, deputy clerk of the legislature.
The judge held that the essence of bail was to enable an accused person to stand trial.
He also said that accused persons had not been proved guilty, hence the need to release them on bail.
However, he ordered that the defendants were to provide two reasonable sureties who must be Nigerians and who must own property in Abuja, the failure of which they would be remanded in Kuje prison, Abuja.

Why female in India was jailed after being best student

Why female in India was jailed after being best student

An Indian student, Ruby Rai, 17, ranked first in the Bihar state exams but said in a video interview that her main subject political science was about cooking.
After the video went viral, Ms Rai was made to re-sit her exams, and was arrested after she failed and had her original results cancelled.
She was produced in court on Sunday where a magistrate sent her to jail until 8 July. The decision to send her to prison has been criticised given that she is a minor and should, therefore, be sent to a detention home for juveniles.

Pope Francis apologize to homosexuals

The pontiff made the groundbreaking apology on his way back from Armenia Sunday as he spoke to reporters on his plane.
One of them asked if Francis agreed with one of his top advisers, who said after the Orlando, Florida massacre that the Church should seek forgiveness from gay people for having marginalized them.
Francis recalled Church teachings that homosexuals 'should not be discriminated against' but should be treated with respect and 'accompanied pastorally'.
Francis said Sunday: 'I think that the Church not only should apologize [...] to a gay person whom it offended but it must also apologize to the poor as well, to the women who have been exploited, to children who have been exploited by being forced to work. It must apologize for having blessed so many weapons.'
The Church teaches that homosexual tendencies are not sinful but homosexual acts are, and that homosexuals should try to be chaste.
'The questions is: if a person who has that condition, who has good will, and who looks for God, who are we to judge?' he asked.
'We Christians have to apologize for so many things, not just for this,' Francis added, referring to the treatment of gay people.
'But we must ask for forgiveness, not just apologize! Forgiveness! Lord, it is a word we forget so often!'

How to deal with Domestic Violence - Podcast

Ever been a victim of domestic violence? Then this new episode of spring show would enlighten you on what next or help you evaluate your present relationship. Help us share your thought on our work so far on spring show as we appreciate your feedback. Cheers


VIDEO: Psychic - "The Speech" | @ThaPsychic

VIDEO: Psychic - "The Speech" | @ThaPsychic

Psychic drops the official video for "The Speech". The Speech video is not the usual visuals we see. It keeps, motivating and also soul lifting. The Speech was off his last mixtape "Diary of Psychic". Psychic isn't relenting for any reason, he drops another mixtape soon titled "Psychic vs Pals" PVP. Enjoy the crisp visuals!

Connect with him:

Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @ThaPsychic

Footballer sent off for farting

Footballer sent off for farting

In a division 9 match in Sweden, football club Pershagen SK's Adam Lindin Ljungkvist was sent off for farting, an action the referee termed "unsportsmanlike behaviour" after he farted loudly in a game against Jarna SK's reserve team.
The game was almost over and Adam Lindin Ljungkvist was already on a yellow card, until he polluted the air and was booked for the second time with a yellow card- an automatic red card.
"I needed to fart, I had a bad stomach," Lindin Ljungkvist told Lanstidningen Sodertalje. "So I just farted. Then I received a yellow card and then a red. I was shocked, it's the strangest thing I have ever experienced on a football field.
"I asked the referee: 'What, you can't fart on the field?', he replied: 'No'. He may have thought that I farted in my hand and threw it towards him, but he didn't say."
The referee reported that he had already booked the player in the 65th minute, but Ljungkvist says he can't remember receiving one.
The referee, Dany Kako, has admitted that the card was indeed for passing gas.
"I perceive that it is a provocation against another player. He did it on purpose and it was inappropriate behaviour. Therefore, he received a yellow card." Referee Kako told Lanstidningen Sodertalje.
"Yes. No one must get a yellow card for farting on the field. Once there was a player who stood and peed next to the pitch. That was also a yellow card."