Monday, 2 September 2013

MUSIC : Necttah (@necttah) - Cocoperry + Ikebe Music

Necttah as he is generally known is not your random entertainer. He may not rhyme like Jay-z and doesn’t use auto-tune like T-pain. He sure does know how to steal everyone’s attention and make you want to groove with heavy smiles on your face.
With the right beat and the perfect lyrics to go with it. He sure does know how to do his thing. He is a heart stealer of ladies and generally envied by guys because of his subconscious way (Pretty looks) of getting the attention of their ladies.

Necttah is a young lad born on 26th of March 1994, real names Nwaobi Emmanuel Chisom. He is currently an undergraduate student of Caritas university studying Mass Communication. Necttah's venture into music wasn’t by accident as he already started since the early age and never looked back since. He has grown continuously in his style and lyrics to a very appreciated stage in the music industry and he is very diverse in his style of music, which is Fusion of Fuji and Afro-pop.

With his entertaining capability, we can all acknowledge that Necttah versatility is beyond reasonable doubt. Necttah described in one sentence can be said to be simple, spiritual, sensual, energetic and down to earth as his philosophy is “Keeping it real and sincere”.

For those that really know him and have met him will tell you that he’s someone you’ll always want to be around with, his down to earth and jovial nature. Necttah blends his music with a little bit of singing and touches of reggae and dance-hall which shows his height of versatility and also makes his fans go crazy.

Here he is with two heavy tunes for his fans #Cocoperry and #IkebeMusic produced by the genius Mdhazz and Otyno.
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