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INTERVIEW : At the end of the day,its Jesus Christ that's gonna matter- MC Adoga of Rap

As We keep our fingers crossed for what 2014 holds, we continue with our CliqProfile series where we get to chat with distinct personalities and get to know their opinion about life and their upcoming project. This week we caught with Godwin A.K.A MC Adoga of Rap and discussed in length how life has been and got to know other facts about him. Read below

Can we get to Know You?

I'm Adoga Godwin or MC Adoga of Rap, born 2nd June 1992 to the family of barrister Inalegwu Adoga, native of Upu in Otukpo Benue state and a Christian. I'm a 500 level chemical engineering student (thanks to ASUU) and also a Rapper, Writer and Webmaster. I try to be caring but I'm really not nice.

What have you been up to recently?

I'm working on a mixtape, trying to get a few friends to jump on it and put it out when I'm ready. I think its gonna be big and Also working on expanding FUT Minna Campus Gist, I'm going to partner with many other campuses to see how we could create a social platform to showcase our people. It'll be nice if we link up with the outside, so our people can get attention over there and theirs here.

Having lots of works but which one would you say brought you to limelight?

I think my first ever song "Jthang" cut it in Minna, funny thing is I never really promoted the song. "don't be stupid" was also good, folks was really feeling that tho. It birthed a cliche line and spawned to places I never expected lol. The song got me my first award.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Basically, its was Jesus Christ. I Called my homie to the house and we were messing around with the beat then he came up with this really good one. It just worked out perfect, headed to the studio and did a verse to it without a rehearsal. Jesus Christ was really up in there with me.

How do you combine schooling with your music career?

I Lay low in school so I could get grades, so I miss out on my gigs sadly.

My influences as a rapper was the West coast HipHop, I heard everything that came out of NWA and Deathrow records. Back then I used to wish I could be a gangsta crip lol.

What were your greatest influences growing up?

My dad has been a huge figure in my life, he's the reason why I'm a positive moralist. The blunt discipline in my home is off the chizain.

What would you have been if not 'Mc adoga'?

I think I'd have been DJ Adoga of Rap, can't imagine life
without hiphop.

Is Mc Adoga in a relationship?

Yeah I am, with hiphop.

Tell us something no one knows about you.

I hate bathing, its a waste of time. Rub and shine is the way...

What is your genre of Music and What distinguishes you from other artistes?

Its HipHop, Gfunk precisely. OD described me as an extremely layedback, laconic and happy rapper. Many times I get confused for Snoop Dogg or Warren G, but when you compare closely, you'll find that we're totally different.

What is your normal day like?

Strolling around wikipedia and researching about things that's got nothing to do with me, I love to do that because it builds my knowledge base since I write a lot of articles. Otherwise I Send and reply texts while listening to a new beat and writing new verses for features. My normal day is spontaneous.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

I have been in and out of some crazy acts, back in the day I wrote like 5 anonymous death treats to our discipline master in secondary school. The Dude used to flog the life out of us. He went missing for a week and resumed acting like a repented soul. hhaahhaha

What is that possession you can’t do without?

My Bible, its in my phone lol.

Where do you see your self in the next five years?

Own a media and entertainment outfit/Business which I'm working on presently. Its going to have recording studios, cinemas and a radio stations. Want to help young fellows who got raw talent.

Most embarasing moment/s?

My most embarrassing moment was in 100 level; I had this cute crush back in the day. I was speaking to her with queens english to impress her, I ended up spitting gibberish with some serious "gbagaun" and the expression on her face looked like death, worse of all was that her
friends were there. Yeah I Bleww it like boom!

What's that fashion "no no" for you in guys and females?

Girls, please put some clothes on, you trying to look like one of those TV celebs yeah? You look cheap. Hommies, please don't wear pink or yellow skinnies, y'all be looking like clowns, ya dig?

Was FUTminna your 1st Choice and describe your Five years in FuTminna?

Yeah it was my first choice. I applied a year earlier but didn't get it. 5years just happened like a flash you know, its been a blessing. Met some of the most amazing people in my life. Shout out to RCF and WWJD.

After Graduation, what would you miss about Life in
FUTminna and What next for you in your music career and

Leaving FUT is going to be very emotional. I'd miss making noise and strolling with my folks, chilling in the cut with my crew, dozing off or pinging during boring classes and all of that stuff. I already have some things worked out with my manager as for music after leaving here, plus I got a list of businesses I'll love to execute once I have the degree.

If you were in a committee to repair the social life of FUTMinna, what would you suggest?

I'll suggest we empower more publicists like yourself to give more hype and buzz to social activities. We got to recognize more artistes, more cliques and more events that'll ultimately create more competition. The SUG has been dead quiet and "out of reach" and I think that's one of the major reasons why the schools very cold.

Who are your top 5 personalities in FUTMinna and who would like to do a single with in and out of FUTminna?

This is going to be so difficult, forgive me but My top fellas; Mr Fredd, IHN and Soul flame, RCF, Kunle Oni, Tush, Exodus, COG, DJ Steev and it goes on... In Minna I'd love to do a song with Kheengs or Rayqiss, outside there its gotta be Eva Alordia.

Last Words?

At the end of the day, at the end of the swagger and
hustle, its Jesus Christ that's gonna matter, ya dig?!

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