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Insomnia - You Can Get a Good Night's Sleep without Drugs

Like an exciting movie, a tasty meal, or a warm blanket, a good night sleep is one of the simple joys in life. Sadly, for some people this restful joy eludes them and they are left to toss and turn all night, forced to face the day as one of the living zombies who have insomnia. Let the walking dead live no more! You can learn to change your life, and get some shut eye - you can do it! Yes, you can sleep.

Sleeping Through the Night - You Can Do It

For most people a sound night's sleep is what dreams are made of, literally. When a person gets a good night's rest they feel more alive during the day, they feel a renewed energy and power, their immune system is better and they are more healthful. When well rested a person will feel happier and be better able to communicate with other people - life is simply better with sleep. But when a person has insomnia they quickly learn that without enough sleep quite the opposite is true - they will be tired, grouchy, unfocussed, tired and a host of other negative descriptors. Life without sleep is tiring, unfocussed and simply rotten.

When you don't get at least six to eight hours of sleep at night you suffer throughout the day. During the day your sleepless self feels like a zombie, and sometimes you even look the part. Fortunately, you can use a variety of tips and tricks, including hypnosis, simple list writing and more, to help get a good night's sleep! And you can take your first step towards getting the rest you need by understanding how this destructive cycle works and how you can take an active role in ending the torture that is insomnia.

End the Torture of Insomnia

Some may think that calling insomnia "torture" sounds dramatic, but if you live with even occasional insomnia you know that the adjective is true - insomnia is a special form of torture where something that your body and mind need desperately is kept from you. When you suffer from sleepless nights that which you most desire - sleep and rest - is seemingly dangled inches in front of your face and yet it remains unreachable. You flip your pillow over to the cool side, you straighten your sheets, you may even snuggle with your cat, teddy bear or sweetheart, but still, nothing. You want nothing more than to sleep and yet that is the one thing that you simply can't have. It's torture.

You probably wonder why the universe is doing this to you.

What you must recognize is that no hidden power is keeping you from sleep. The universe really doesn't care if you get enough sleep, though if the universe could have feelings it would likely want you to get rest so you were better prepared spread happiness around the world rather than despair. But no worry, it's not the world, the galaxy or beyond that controls your sleep. What keeps you from getting must needed rest is your very own mind.

The Power to Sleep is within You

When you have an understanding of how the mind works and why sleep is such an important part of life your world changes. You must learn of the stages of sleep and recognize how reaching these stages impacts your memory, learning and health. You need to know why just napping is not effective and understand how humans evolved to be night time sleepers. But more importantly, you need insight and easy to do tips for getting your body and brain into a deep state of sleep.

How Anyone can get a Great Night's Sleep Naturally, Without. Learn about the power of suggestion and how you have already been using it to make your problem worse. You will learn how to retake control of your own natural ability to make things happen, stopping your brain from keeping you awake. This new book by Crispian Jones teaches you how to get the sleep that you crave!

By Crispian Jones

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