Sunday, 8 June 2014

Stop Smoking Today - You Can Learn How to Regain Control of Your Life

Smoking has little to do with Nicotine. Really. And what's more, you can stop smoking, now. Smoking consists of a psychological addiction: it is nothing more than a habit. Nicotine is just a very small part of a big issue. When you realize the TRUTH behind why it is so difficult to quit smoking you can learn how you can beat cigarettes.

You Really Can Become a Non-Smoker

With the power of visualization you can change your life, taking control of your own behavior. The power of the mind is within you. You can take back your life, your body, even after years - decades - of abuse. Your body has the power to heal itself once you break free of the bond of cigarettes.

Cigarettes Have a Hold on You

Have you recently realized that your life is stifled because of your addiction? Are you constantly concerned about whether you have enough cigarettes, have a lighter or matches, or can find a legal smoking area to indulge? If you think about it honestly you will probably see that your work life and personal life are both held hostage by your habit - where you can smoke, when you can smoke and how much you can smoke. The good news is that your battle with cigarettes can end today!

The Role that Your Mind Plays in Your Addiction

Learn how understanding the mind of the smoker is the first key to becoming a non-smoker. Continue your research and you will realize how you can use hypnosis and your own mind to lead a healthier and happier life. Understanding your mind is the one thing that has been missing from all your previous attempts to become a non-smoker. With that understanding in hand you will be ready to do battle with your own bad habits and change your daily life.

You Can be a Non-Smoker

Knowledge is power. When you have the right tools you can see how your addiction began, what keeps you smoking and makes it so difficult to quit. When you know that your health can improve when you quit smoking and you learn how can unleash the power of your own mind to become a non-smoker you can be a success. It starts by making the decision to quit, today. Then, you need step by step directions for easy to do on your own exercises that can help you quit smoking. Now, you have taken the first steps to quitting for good. You realize that your mind is the first and only line of defense. That the decision you make is what matters. However, you can get help by an experienced hypnotist who can help you tap into the deeper powers of your own mind.

Cris Jones is an Australian psychologist dedicated to helping others change their lives. To learn more watch the following video: You can also download the Kindle book now or get the extra help that you need to quit by contacting Cris directly at

By Crispian Jones

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