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Want To Lose Weight? What Are The Best Diet Foods?

It can be a challenging task choosing the best diet foods to eat when you are trying to lose weight and knowing what foods to never eat. Research has found that the body feels it is full by the volume of food consumed and not the amount of calories contained within that food. This is why the best diet foods are those that have a high water content. In some cases these are known as negative calorie foods which means that they take more calories to digest than what is actually contained in the food itself.

Foods high in water are also high in fibre, but low in calories so you can eat them without worrying about the consequences on your waistline! By eating water-rich foods with your meal, you end up feeling full, and thus you'll eat fewer high-calorie foods and in the end eat fewer calories over the course of that meal. Let's take a look at some of these water-rich foods that fill you up fast.

Vegetables and Fruits.

Some of the fruits and vegetables that are foods with high water content and nutrient levels include spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, berries and apples.

Low-fat or Fat-free Milk Products.

You can still enjoy dairy products like milk, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt but make sure that they are the low-fat or fat-free variety. Also there are some good low fat and low calorie dairy alternatives, such as milks made from soy, almond and rice.

Soups And Broths.

Vegetable or tomato based soups or soups made with chicken or beef broth all contain lots of water and not many calories. Avoid from cream-based soups. For example a cup of mushroom bisque can have over 400 calories while the same amount of minestrone soup has only 112 calories.

Best Diet Food Plan.

If you start your meal with one of the above foods, you'll eat fewer calories during your main course. You can make a tasty first course with a bowl of broth-based soup or a green salad (leave out the cheese or croutons). These dishes will fill you up so you'll not eat as much of the main meal that may be high in calories.

When you prepare vegetables you can keep them healthy and avoid adding calories by steaming them. Avoid frying or cooking your vegetables with creams or butter. Steaming preserves most of the nutrients that would be otherwise lost in many of the other preparation processes that use high heat. You can add more flavour by putting spices in with the vegetables.

If you're having a low-calorie meal don't ruin it with a high-calorie drink. Drinking plain water is your best option. You can squeeze in a little fresh lemon if you want to add some flavour. Sparkling water or unsweetened ice tea are other alternatives. Steer clear of high-calorie sports drinks and drink alcohol or fruit juices in small quantities or not at all. If you enjoy a glass of milk when you're eating, stick to skimmed milk or one of the milk alternatives.

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By Jon Allo

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