Tuesday, 7 October 2014

UNTITLED ODE III MyDefinition by Chidinma Ejoh (@physio_dinsin)

Strengths, weaknesses, victories, losses, people, and religion are imperatives in daily pursuits because they drive inspiration, motivation, encouragement and discouragements - Only open minds are core receptacles of the above.
Humans in all spheres of imperfection have powers; inborn or acquired which will upon development, portray the sources they were established from which will inturn portray discipline, self constraint, self control, liberty and support systems.
Torture, grief, afflictions, discomfort, threats, and throes are the perfect cliches of events which causes a powerful interplay between self balance,power and restraint.
As some find it difficult to believe in fate which is not seen but felt or witnessed in a large extreme, some others find it easy to believe in conincidence, science, nature,culture or religion. These offers large precision to the pathways that will be crossed while mandates will be reached - This is a common contract that in the journey of life,preludes beings from a lot of things.
There are excruciating pains and emotional abuses one may feel when one breeds strange fellows or thought processes which would never had existed if an inclination is replaced with better thoughts or give things better definitions.
Occasionally, we find ourselves gambled in lost and wait for time to pass so that the so that the wounds can heal. Truth be told; the greater the time spent, the deeper the cut, and he more difficult it is to establish the process of becoming whole again.
The pain may fade, but the scars will always remain to serve as a reminder or a harbinger of future threats, previous sufferings, lessons learnt and scores settled. This will help the resolve of "Once bitten, Twice Shy".
Moving on, as time is being spent, distractions and frustrations set in which gives direct reactions that may result in agressions, giving in to anger and unnecessary paranoia - These are unnecessary actions for individuals and the society.
Thoughts and their processes could be spectacularly boring at the best interest of those who are soaked in anxiety.
In essence, each day presents new opportunities, which with proper motivation and focus, things will never go tragically wrong.
There are sure lessons one has to learn and parts one has to play in events with time which are fraternizing with the enemy, forgiving crimes, bonding despite extreme cordinative discernments or plotting revenge which has a strong degree of influence.
In this piece of mine, there are points to note which are strengths, power, losses, pain, passion, desire, direction, time, thought processes, emotions, influence and revenge.
Crafting this piece in one definition,
"The STRENGTHS and weaknesses gives one the POWER to LOOSE or win which can either birth PAINS if the POWER does not have a DIRECTION. the DESIRE to succeed moves with TIME, THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS, INCENTIVES, INFLUENCE OR REVENGE"
Finally, Passion makes life worth living and it is imperative for ine to find passion and also pursue it closely. Influence grows like a weed and when tendered patiently, the tentacles will reach pinnacles from its keep to the universe's entirety where it is wrapped around something very special.
I have learnt that being expedient will ignite the cradles of real complacency to have genuine expressions because originality only works with reality- Every other thing is an illusion if there is no definition.

Written by Chidinma Ejoh

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