Saturday, 8 August 2015

Browse Unlimited Data on 5 devices for 1,000 naira per month

I used to spend over ₦30,000 for data every month because I'm a blogger and a social media marketer, but now I spend only ₦1,000 every month for unlimited data and I also share it to 5 more device via WiFi.

Will you like to enjoy this awoof data too?

All you need is the Visafone network programmed into a CDMA blackberry phone with blackberry subscription at ₦1,000 per month. So its not a cheat or illegal data and you will share its internet data up to 5 devices through WiFi. But just make sure Visafone network is in the area where you want to use it and your device (phone, tablet, laptop e.t.c) must be WiFi or wireless enabled. Its real and has been in operation since 2012. You can check the link here to know if it will work in your area:

We have these CDMA BlackBerry phone programmed with this Visafone network at different price for different phone.

Visafone Blackberry CDMA Network programmed on UK/US/Canada Used Phones.

Blackberry Bold 5 @ ₦18,000 {But now selling at ₦16,000 discounted price}

BlackBerry Curve 7 @ ₦16,000 {But now selling at ₦13,000 discounted price}

Blackberry Curve 4-S @ ₦15,000 {But now selling at ₦12,000 discounted price}

Blackberry Curve 4 @ ₦13,000 {But now selling at ₦10,000 discounted price}

You can come on time to 9 Palm Avenue, Mushin Lagos to buy yours so that you can go register & activate the phone at any Visafone Stand before it ends.

Call Tel: 08181648184, +234-8176168761 (WhatsApp), Pin: 33495DA6 or 566A440C

Please contact us to buy your own at cheaper price before the price goes up again.

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