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“Scandal” Premiere Recap and Download : “Heavy Is The Head”

“Scandal” had its fifth season premiere on Thursday, and Gossip Cop gives us a full recap! Here are the most important things to know about “Heavy Is The Head,” the first episode of season 5.

The show began with Olivia and Fitz loved up before a state dinner for the queen and the new American-born princess of Caldonia, where he toasted to “new beginnings” and attempted to make a deal for a naval base. Mellie was kept away from the event, and Olivia denied to Abby that she was back with Fitz. She surprisingly related to the princess, who spoke of the awful judgment she receives for marrying into royalty. Tragedy stuck afterward when the princess was killed in a tunnel-set car accident reminiscent of Princess Diana’s death.
The queen enlisted Olivia’s help to protect the royal family’s privacy, as well as the late princess’ dignity, particularly after photos were taken of her dead body. Olivia worked to convince outlets not to run the photos, while Quinn paid off all of the paparazzi but one. Olivia suggested the prince instead be photographed at the morgue so the papers would run that instead, and discovered the unfound photographer was actually a hacker who likely caused the crash, purposefully committing murder.
Mellie confronted Elizabeth about being banned from the state dinner, and ordered the new chief of staff to not prevent her from any more appearances with Fitz. They had words about their sordid history, and Elizabeth told her Fitz would indeed NOT be at her senatorial swearing-in. Meanwhile, Abby tried to keep Sally at bay, as she was convinced something was up between the First Couple.
Olivia actually convinced Fitz to go, saying he “owed” it to his wife given her accomplishment and all the times she’s stood by him. He ultimately went, and they played happy couple for the cameras. After, Mellie told him of the regret she feels for contributing to the jurors’ deaths, believing his coming was a sign he wanted to reconcile. Instead, he shocked her by giving her divorce papers, and warned that fighting him on it would lead to an epic war with “mutually assured destruction” if she didn’t sign.
Olivia was pretty shocked, too, when Fitz told her the divorce plan, but he explained that the princess’ death showed him that life is short, and being together is far more important than getting his approval rating up. She reluctantly agreed. After, with David’s help, Olivia continued investigating the princess’ apparent assassination, and questioned why she and the prince spent so much time apart. She quickly realized that the princess was having an affair with her bodyguard, who also died in the crash.
Olivia became convinced the prince was behind the deaths, and wanted him prosecuted on U.S. soil before he could leave the country, but Fitz refused to move forward on waving immunity for the royal, not wanting to jeopardize his naval base. After a big fight, she returned home to find Huck struggling, and tried to find out what happened between him and Quinn. He said he needed to be “fixed,” and Olivia admitted she didn’t know how to do that.
Elizabeth concluded Fitz and Olivia were back together based on their “lovers’ quarrel,” and told Abby she would not be keeping that secret. Abby, of course, was just as dumbfounded, since Olivia had earlier denied it. Meanwhile, Mellie went to see Cyrus, begging him to try to get his job back and “talk sense” into Fitz so they’re not “all finished.” He, however, refused to help her, still hoping Fitz will would ask him back if he disassociated himself from her, and Mellie broke down in tears about Fitz’s “hatred” of them.
David secretly gave Olivia the princess’ autopsy report, revealing she was pregnant, and warned her that the official cause of death would be explained as an auto mechanical error. Olivia went to the queen with her suspicions about the prince being responsible, and she swore her son was innocent… and confessed that she was actually behind the deaths, because she knew the princess was carrying the bodyguard’s baby and wasn’t loyal to the family. A disgusted Olivia wanted to get “justice,” but the queen pointed out her diplomatic immunity and the non-disclosure signed when she was hired.
When Olivia returned home, she was surprised to find Huck MIA. A newspaper cover, however, sparked a brainstorm, and then, just as the princess’ body was being loaded onto the royal plane during the queen’s farewell, the prince revealed to the queen that Olivia told him everything, because the non-disclosure didn’t apply to him. He told his mother she would immediately abdicate the throne for “health reasons,” or he would tell the world what she did.
The episode neared its end with Huck going to Jake for help, and Fitz griping to Olivia that his naval base plan was dead thanks to the royal change of power. Liv said they needed work boundaries, but he suspected she was really just upset about his desire to go public with their relationship. “The minute the world finds out about us, we stop being you and me and we become a spectacle,” she told him. Asked how they “do this” then, she said she wants “us” but wants to “slow down” so their own problems are “fixed” before the “world is watching.” Otherwise, she warned, they would not “get out together,” because public life would “destroy them.”
As she cried, he promised to wait until they were both ready. Just then, Abby interrupted them as Sally’s news report aired, announcing to the world that Fitz and Olivia were together, with photographic proof to boot. The preview for next week showed Olivia struggling with being exposed as “America’s mistress.” 

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