Saturday, 17 October 2015

Jennifer Eliogu : Ladies should not woo men in Nigeria

Nollywood actress and singer Jennifer Eliogu has voiced out her opinion about the possibility of a woman asking out a man she feels attracted to. In her opinion, Nigerian men aren't ready for that and she let us in on her kind of man... See excerpts below;
What attracts you to men?
I think every woman likes a well-dressed and good looking young man to be identified with. But aside the physique appearance, I will say I like a very intelligent man, and people often say they like God-fearing man, yes, but as far as I'm concerned, everybody is God-fearing, it all depends on your relationship with God. But I will say, I like men that have respect for humanity because love for humanity is love for God. You can't give God shelter, you can't clothe God, you can't feed God neither can you protect God, it is human that need all these.
Automatically, if you're passionate in providing these for fellow human when you're in position of doing it, then, you will be regarded as a God- fearing person. So, fearing of God is of the mind. I also like hard-working men. I have men in my surrounding who are inspiring and encouraging me. Not in a negative way, hope you understand. They are the people that believe in my zeal, I have very close male friends who are so objective to my opinion. Such that whenever I make my opinion known to them about a project or other issues, they will say, Jay? No, you can't do this like this and so on. Those are the kinds of men that are inspiring me.
Would you say it is fair for a woman to ask a man out first?
Honestly; given the kind of society we belong to, the society wants you to be a complete woman. I will personally prefer my man to woo me because it is the right of men to do so in our society. Of course, there might be nothing bad in woman doing that but in this part of the world, you don't know the kind of guy you're doing it to. If he's not mature enough, he might think that is how you've been doing to other men out there and take you for something else. Unlike in the western world; if you walk up to a man and say I like you, that means you have crush on him and mind you, that might not lead to relationship but being a very good friend. In this part of the world, we are hypocritical in nature. Although, there are some men that are mature enough to understand that for a lady to walk up to you and appreciate you doesn't make her a harlot; so my advice is that, for a lady who can do such should try to examine the kind of man she wants to express such to.

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