Saturday, 17 October 2015

Mide Martins: Why Celebrity Marriages Fail

Why do you think many celebrity marriages collapse?
I believe such marriages lack trust and understanding. Many men can't tolerate seeing their wives playing sexual roles. Also, many people believe that we (actors) practice what we act in the films. Another factor responsible for marriage collapse is that many women try to change their husbands after marriage, this brings disarray into the home. Women needs to be more cautious.
Could that be the secret of your successful marriage?
Yes, we trust and understand each other.
Some people wonder why you and your husband have not been cast as spouses in a film ?
That is not true. That means they do not watch some of my films.
Could you mention some of those films?
I can't remember the names now, but one of such film will hit the market soon with the title Aiye Foreign.
Some say it is because both of you don't suit each other as spouses on set?
It is not possible for two adults to live under the same roof for over ten years if they are not compatible. I am happily married. He loves me for who I am and I love him too.
Some of your fans are also of the opinion that you don't go to public places with your husband, how true is this?
This means this group of fans are not watching us closely. We attend some functions together especially when it involves our colleagues. I agree that my husband doesn't really socialise, he is more of an introvert.
And you seem to be the opposite of that, how do you manage?
(Laughs) I am a woman and needs to be seen. Some frustrated husbands try to hide their wives but my husband is beyond that.

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