Friday, 27 November 2015

Ali Baba : Screen people who benefit from your generosity

Veteran comedian Ali Baba took to his instagram page to share some life lessons on generosity and you can Read below

Hmmmm... As a human being, It comes to a time when you ask yourself, to what end? You ask not because you expect gratitude in return to your generosity but because your generosity made you ask yourself, should I really have? I have shared the story of my digital camera before. Sometime this year, someone asked to use my Hummer for a wedding. He brought it back unwashed.Half eaten kpoff kpoff, chicken bones, cans of soft drinks, take away packs... Littered the car. Oh, the car was fuelless! Let's not go to unpaid "just borrow me small cash"... There was also someone who had benefitted from me & was bad mouthing me at KLINK studios until a friend, Joe Adekwagh, challenged him about how he witnessed my generosity to him when his wife put to bed and they had accommodation issues. And the guy said "Ehen? If he assist me that time, Na that assistance I go chop till I die?"
But that is not why I am writing this caption. This caption is about how a generosity, in the area of accommodation, I extended to some of my guys back in abuja between 2001-2007 just came to bite back in 2015. Today, precisely, a court made me pay the rent from 2008 till 2012! It happens to the best of us. Several issues crop up to question your generosity but no one knows.
In fact, as a wise man said, when you give you don't expect a receipt or gratitude. That's when you actually enjoy the generosity. A lady in lagos told me, this afternoon, how she got a call that her 2012 Toyota Sienna, a friend "borrowed" for a wedding broke down in Sagamu. She said she had to send her driver and mechanics to get it because her friend said "I know nothing about cars ooo".
There is a new science to generosity. It's that if you think they will not appreciate it don't. It's not about being kind and letting God bless you, you also have to screen those who benefit from your generosity. Trust me, that doesn't make you a stingy someone. Because someone will soon ask what is Ali Baba talking about? What I am saying is, ITS BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE, but trust me, screen the beneficiaries. Didn't God say don't throw your pearls before swines? Matt 7:6 (before, some "holier than thou" call me names) Be discerning

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