Thursday, 31 December 2015

#MxShutdown, the new dawn of entertainment in Minna, Niger State

It's the dawn of 2015 and can be forgiven if I utter or write that it is somewhat the genesis of the evolution of the showbiz in minna Niger state. The context might arouse that the area is a no go area for the subject but considering the tempo of such topics in this part of the world it seems a welcomed development.
Its traditional to have end of year events and arguably Minna got its fair of fun in Mx shutdown, an event scheduled to hold on the 30th December, 2015 which came and has left its mark on the history books as the guests were thrilled by music acts known to promote the use of local dialect.

Charity begins from home but it does not always guarantee support until the recipient of such privelege give credit to his roots. It was evident in the Mx Shutdown which held at the Muritala Park that when there is an emotional connection between parties, loyalty is dished out unconsciously and if well harnessed can go a long way to enhance the 'street credibility' of anybody.

As the organizers of this event continue to receive the accolades of almost a work well done, the sound engineering department didn't do a good job of standardizing the output however, it was a remarkable event for a city known for its dampened entertainment spirit and to get the audience it received at a time of the year which has seen a lot of resident travel for the holiday it us commendable.

The acts on show were Realest Ijaya, Kheengz, Morell, Classiq and other artistes kept their words to honour the invitation and they were up to the task of making sure the event met the expectations of the ticket holders who were well managed by Miracle, the M.C of the event.

Mx shutdown was a beauty in the show of loyalty from fans who wanted a snapshot of the favorite music acts or have a feel of their precious arewa artiste and as we thrive to make Minna a better place, remember to add value first and seek wealth later. Long live Minna!

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