Thursday, 14 January 2016

Seven aspects to success in Nigeria in 2016

1.Not having a PRAYER life
Prayer gives us an opportunity to share all aspects of our life with God. So much has been said about prayer but one thing is sure, and that is, if you must not fail this year all you need to do is to PRAY.

2.Lack of VISION
By Gods help a lot of people have been able to tackle different sin but one that keeps growing wings has been lack of vision. What would separate you from the masses would be this. So if you have not started seeing results then you lack vision.

3.Lack of PLANS, systems & structures
Many people may have a vision but have issues breaking down their vision into workable plans, thus their vision may end as mere wishes. For instance you want to earn N100,000 per month. What structure do you have on ground to accomplish that? Put down your plans and abide by them.


Discipline is simply subjecting yourself to the demands of your vision. Now you have a dream, a plan, and a system. Why not get to work. The sin of laziness and procrastination is trans-generational. Don’t indulge in it again.

5.Allowing everybody into your life

Learn to choose your friends and carefully! Don’t allow every Tom, Dick and Harry into your life just because you’re nice. You are building an empire not a refugee camp. Not everybody must be your friend. Align yourself with like minds; work only with those with your kind of vision.
Enhance the adders and multipliers in your life and dismiss the divers and reduce the subtractors. Yes be that selfish to love your growth above negative people around.

6.Not maximizing moments

If you cannot learn to see opportunity even in problems then this year would likely be like every other year. Be conscious of your vision for the year, it helps set your mind to look out for opportunity to make progress.


This will stagnate all that you want to achieve. Live with an attitude of gratitude. Wake up every day with a heart of gratitude.


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