Friday, 15 January 2016

York University apologize for giving 500 students 'error' admission

York University has issued apologies to over 500 prospective students after they received acceptance letters in error. The Canadian university was forced to send out emails of apology after a processing error incorrectly notified hundreds students that their applications had been accepted.

"There was a processing error whereby approximately 500 individuals were sent emails indicating they had been accepted for admission to York," York University spokesperson Joanne Rider said. "This occured immediately after the university had sent emails to acknowledge their applications had been received."

The university is still in the process of reviewing the student's applications and Jock Phippen, director of student recruitment and admission, clarified that the correction emails were sent to clarify the mistake and did not imply the student's applications had been rejected.

"We really empathize that there's a small group of students that got this message and they get anxious and excited, and so we did do the outreach and tried to do it as quickly as possible," he told the Toronto Star.

Rider said that students will likely learn whether or not they've actually been accepted into the university sometime in the coming months.

"We know this is an important decision point for students and families," the school apologized once again.

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