Thursday, 25 February 2016

Father of two girls cuts off his dick for lack of Sons

A man from southern China was so disappointed at not having produced a son that he cut off his own penis as a way of punishing himself. 

The 36-year-old, known as A Yong, used a knife to sever around 1.2 inches of his penis on February 22, the People's Daily Online reports. The man was upset that he had two daughters and had reportedly been taunted by local villagers. According to Chinese media, the man has two daughters aged three and 13. 

His family members say that he had drunk around five shots of alcohol that night before coming to a drastic decision to cut off part of his penis.

When A Yong's family members realised what he had done, they rushed him to hospital immediately with the organ in a bag of ice.Huang Zhihong, a doctor on the night shift at the time, said: 'The severed part is around 1.2 inches long.' 
The patient reportedly shouted at medical staff that he did not want it put back on. 

Staff at the hospital immediately performed surgery on A yong. His manhood was allegedly sewed back on after a four-hour-long operation.

Doctor Huang who undertook the surgery told reporters that the healing process will take around six to 12 months. 

In rural areas of China, having a son is valued higher than a daughter because boys carry on the family bloodline and stay to look after their parents while girls marry into other families and look after her husband's parents.


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