Sunday, 7 February 2016

Ray J reacts to leaked audio of Kim Kardashian having 'smelly vagina'

Ray J sent a cease and desist letter to a former business partner he believes is responsible for leaking old audio of him calling Kim Kardashian’s vagina smelly.

Ray J and Kardashian, of course, used to date in the early and mid-2000s. Their infamous sex tape, filmed in 2003 and released in 2007, is widely credited with kick-starting the reality star’s career and introducing her to the masses. But apparently that’s not the only questionable recording.

Earlier this week, eight-year-old audio leaked of Ray J complaining about Kardashian’s hygiene down there. The performer at the time was having a conversation with a male friend and ranting about Kardashian’s alleged smell and how he didn’t know how to handle the situation, despite talking about it with others, including his sister Brandy. While Ray J was aware he was being recorded at the time, he is NOT happy about it surfacing online now.

“I’m trying to be positive n 2016 and Wow people digging up old ass Audio from 8 years ago — #devilATwork I’m not even on that! #2016Respect,” he tweeted on Thursday. He further posted on Instagram, “When u start to change up and decide to walk right and make the right moves and do the right thing – the devil starts to create obstacles to bring you back into the fire! ”

“But I see it and I also understand that my karma’s a b%^ch and I gotta deal with that- but I won’t let the things that were done a long time ago dictate the path I’m on now,” Ray J went on. “God always has a bigger plan no matter how Krazy it gets! – #2016Respect #newLifestyle #Blessings #grownmanbusiness #Focused.”

Now TMZ reports Ray J had his attorney fire off a legal letter to Maxwell Billieon of Billieon Group over the situation. The star reportedly believes Billieon, an old business partner, is behind the leak, and may post more unflattering audio from other chats they did for a book deal that never panned out. The cease and desist demands to know why Billieon uploaded the Kardashian bit without his permission, and threatens a lawsuit if Billieon doesn’t take responsibility.

Kardashian herself has not publicly commented. She and Ray J are pictured above in 2006.

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