Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Game share Valentine Day Advice with eggplant photo

The Game is encouraging men to up their Valentine’s Day moves after sharing a photo of himself holding his penis as he wears nothing but underwear and socks.

The Game has become somewhat known for posting Instagram photos of his manhood. He’s usually wearing tight boxer-briefs that outline his junk and leave little to the imagination. Past shots have caused such a stir that he received a warning from the photo-sharing service last November about violating guidelines.

But in honor of February 14, The Game apparently wants to risk it, and thinks every man out there should, too. In his new picture shared Friday, the rapper takes a selfie with one hand as he uses another to hold himself over his white boxer-briefs. He used more than two dozen hashtags as a caption, some of which Gossip Cop cannot reprint.

“#ValentinesDayWeekendSpecial #TimeToBreakTheInternetAgain #WhatIsHeDoingForYou,” The Game wrote. He went on to advise, “#AndHeBetNotSayValentinesDayIsForBothOfUs #NawN*gga #ItsForWomen #NowHandleYourBusinessBeforeIDo #SheDeservesA5000DollarPurse #SheDeservesFlowersEveryday #WhatSheHasIsAReflectionOfYou #SoMakeHerLookLikeSheGotTheSameStylistAsAKardashian.”

The Game even encouraged, “#TreatThatWomanLikeBarackTreatsMichelle.” He concluded with, “#YouHad364DaysToPrepareForSundayBihhhh #MakeThatWomanHappy #ifHeDont #SlideInTheDMAndWeGoneFigureItOut #MeatPrintPapiHasSpoken #DropsMic.”

The star, who also once shared a picture of himself recording music while on the toilet, may not be the best source of Valentine’s Day advice. He’s been engaged twice, and even had a “Marrying The Game” reality show, but remains single. Then again, some might argue he’s doing it right.

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