Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Court Dissolves 7-Year Old Marriage Over Wife’s Constant Adultery

A Mapo Customary Court dissolved the union between Sikiru Alabi and his wife, Basira, on the grounds of prostitution and adultery.

Alabi, an automobile mechanic in Popo Yemoja area of the metropolis had approached the court, seeking an end to his marriage to Basira, a hairdresser at Idi Arere area of the city.

The President of the court, Mr Ademola Odunade, said cheating on the part of a husband or wife was ``deadly’’

He ruled:``It is in view of the circumstances surrounding the issue at hand that the court decided to put an end to the relationship between Alabi and Basira.

``Alabi shall take custody of the five and a half year-old child produced by the union, while Basira should be free to see the child in court anytime she wants.’’

The husband told the court:``Nemesis caught up with her recently when I met a man on her deeply engaged in s3xual intercourse right in my house.

``I was mad, but Basira quickly pleaded with me,promising not to do it again.

``Though, I forgave her, but she is still neck deep in adultery.’’

Alabi said Basira was also engaged in prostitution and had continued to rain curses on him and his relatives for her adultery.

Basira, however, did not deny the allegations, saying:``It is true that there is no more love between I and Alabi.’’

Basira pleaded with the court to grant her the custody of the child after dissolving the marriage.


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