Sunday, 20 March 2016

How Harry Styles Private Photos With Kendall Jenner Leaked

Private photos of Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were leaked on Saturday after his mom Anne’s iCloud was allegedly hacked.

As Gossip Cop reported, Styles and Jenner vacationed on a yacht together in St. Barts last December. Neither star mentioned anything about the trip on social media, but photos taken by paparazzi at the time showed they were affectionate and seemingly back-on. Now Styles’ own personal pictures from their time together have emerged.

The snapshots are believed to have been stolen by a supposed “fan” who hacked into the iCloud of Styles’ mother, Anne, though that has not been confirmed. The photos now surfacing online include solo pics of the One Direction singer, a look inside what is said to be his home, ones with his stepfather Robin, and quite a few with Jenner. In those pictures, the two are seen engaging in cuddly PDA.

“Anne’s iCloud” has since become a trending topic both worldwide and United States. While a few are rejoicing over the never-before-seen photos of Styles, most Directioners are condemning the hacking.

@macklemcvey wrote on Twitter, “The people who’re releasing and spreading these pics from Anne’s iCloud are being seriously disrespectful. @ProudLiLoGirl similarly said, “If it’s true that Anne’s iCloud has been hacked: such a disrespectful person! Not even a real fan. Shame on you. Learn what privacy means.”

@norway_updates wrote to one fan account re-posting the pics, “please delete all the pictures of harry. They where stolen from Anne’s iCloud.” And a different fan page, @TheHarryNews, apologized, saying, “We are sorry for posting the pictures in the first place. We did not realize they came from someone hacking Anne’s icloud! Plz respect them.”

Meanwhile, the alleged hacker is still posting photos under the Twitter username @haarrystyles, and claims to have obtained additional images from family holidays, as well as unreleased music. The person even tweeted, “IF I GO TO JAIL I DID THIS FOR ALL THE HARRY STANS WHO DONT GET SH*T FROM HARRY.”

He or she also posted, “@MrsAnneTwist dm me if you want your icloud login details!!!” Gossip Cop has alerted Styles’ rep of the security breach. UPDATE: The leaker’s Twitter account has been suspended.

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