Tuesday, 1 March 2016

How to be successful in Showbiz using Alibaba Tips

Ace comedian and motivational speaker, Ali Baba has given an exclusive writeup on the importance of visibility in showbiz. After reading this piece and you fail to implement the points outlined below then you are not ready to be successful. Read below

Showbiz is a visibility game. Sometimes those in the background are those who support, create, manage and make the person who is in the limelight. It's this same visibility that helps to sustain the practitioners beyond the fees they earn.

It's therefore correct for a player in Showbiz to ask what can be done to remain visible. Even if they are on radio! The walls of radio and backend studios have long been broken down. Thanks to social media. So what can you do to maintain visibility.

1. Creativity that can't be ignored. Hold your creativity so high in standards that even when you are hibernating the spiral effect is a constant reminder.

 2. Use all social media platforms that push your career. Be in people's faces. Let them know you are still here kicking it.

3. Make sure you attend events you are invited to that have network opportunities.

4. Dress well. Many media houses are looking for content. Fashion sells and people want to know how you are looking today! Own red carpets! It's free publicity.

5. Don't miss an opportunity to be photographed with people that matter. Don't wait till someone creates the photo opps. Do it!

6. Do a wild thing every now and then. Then return to status quo. Then let the media milk it for all they can.

 7. When fellow artistes ask you to do cameo appearances on their productions, do it. You gain some publicity and they owe you one. You will need it someday.

 8. Take as many pictures with your fans as you can. They are your core customers. It's part of satisfying them.

 9. Have opinions and share same so people know where you stand. It shows you are not just an artiste but part of the community.

10. Can I have your call card? Yes! Always yes!!!! You never know where your services maybe needed. But always say, "send me a text first".

11. Relate with colleagues and fellow players in the Showbiz hemisphere. It's a very important ingredient in relevance.

12. Ignore publicity & conflict mongers. You want to be visible but draw the line between reputation and bad belle.

13. Build a distinct brand. That will be identifiable & can represent you. 14. Protect your image. Bad image is bad visibility. Be seen right. What do I know SEF? Shebi...

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