Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Kim Kardashian unveil Her Social Media Strategy

Kim Kardashian has just revealed how she’s become the queen of social media by breaking down how and when she uses Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. In a series of tweets, Kardashian explained the different functions for her of the various platforms.

“My Instagram is definitely my expression and what I love to show the world,” wrote Kardashian about the photo-sharing app. When fans want a more wacky version of her, they need to check out her Snapchat, which she launched last week. “My snap is kinda my silly sarcastic alter ego,” noted Kardashian. And when reality star wants to express herself and connect with fans, she does it in a tweet. “Twitter is where I can freely talk and have conversations with anyone and everyone! I feel such a connection on Twitter,” she wrote.

Kardashian pointed out that her app should be a destination for fans because it has everything. “My app is a mix of it all! I can write blogs, live stream, share bts pics and really show u guys what I’m passion about,” she explained in another tweet. Kardashian then exclaimed, “I love social media! #SocialMediaAppreciationPost.”

The reality star, who tried to break the Internet again last week by posting a couple of nude photos, has amassed 63.7 million followers on Instagram. Added to that are her 41.8 million followers on Twitter, where Kardashian is as comfortable self-promoting as she is going after haters. While new to Snapchat, Kardashian is already picking up followers for her account, which has already featured several snippets with her daughter North.

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