Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Niger State Governor held hostage in Minna

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State was one Monday held hostage for several minutes by youths who complained of having not felt the impact of his administration in his nine months in office.
The youths said the governor must not contemplate running for a second term.
The youth got succeeded in holding Bello’s convoy hostage when the governor’s convoy obeyed the traffic light along the ever busy Bosso Road, near the popular Olusegun Obasanjo Shopping Centre.
On sighting Bello, the youths immediately rushed at his vehicle, making scathing remarks about the actions of his administration, adding: “You are not the change for us. One term.”
It was at this stage the governor lowered the side glass of his metallic black Prado jeep and started chatting with them.
The youths, who were more vociferous, complained about the delay in the payment of civil servants, adding that civil servants were no longer receiving their salaries as at when due and that most water taps in the state had dried up since he came into office.
At this juncture, Bello, trying to justify his government’s policies, told the youths that the government was still trying to put things right.
He assured them that once the investigation into the financial dealing of the last administration was completed, things will move faster.
He called on one of the youths and asked him the following questions: “Are you a worker and where do you work?”
The youth replied: “Yes, I am a worker with the Niger State Water Board.
“There is no water in town.”
At this stage, the security operatives attached to the governor stopped the discussion and the convoy moved off from the scene.
It was however learnt that because of the incident, the governor’s convoy did not obey the traffic light when he returned through the same route after two hours.
When contacted on phone, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Jibrin Ndace, denied that the governor was held hostage.
Ndace said it was the practice of his principal to stop anywhere there was a crowd to get the people’s feelings.
According to him: “There are times even in villages, the governor will stop and say prayers with the local community and also interact with them.”

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