Monday, 14 March 2016

Pastor Tunde Bakare Wants The Manhood Of Ese Oruru's Abductor Cut Off

According to the versatile speaking Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Latter Rain Assembly has requested that the abductor of Ese Oruru should be tried under the Sharia law. Pastor bee has asked for the manhood of the accused to be cut off according to reports.

Read the full story below:

He said this during a recent sermon at his church, situated at Akilo road, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos.

He wondered why a man should take advantage of an underage girl of 13, adding that any religion that condones the defiling of little girl is tolerating “perversion of the highest order.”

In the video recording that has gone viral on social media, Bakare said: “All the nonsense going on in Nigeria, taking 13-year-old girls and saying your religion does not forbid, and that one is in charge. When the wind of all these will blow, it will blow the roof of every palace and very one involved in this perpetuation of evil.

“Call it by its name. Abducting someone, sleeping with them. Any religion that permits that is not a religion after God’s heart.

“Religion is bondage… return to bondage is religion. That is why I hate religion with passion. Jesus did not come here to start another religion. He came to start a relationship with God.

“A 13-year old and your stick is jumping up and down. You are crazy, you are mad. If there’s any punishment that is standard, that is in the real Sharia- it is to cut off that stick.

“After all, you cut off (the hand of) the man who has stolen, so cut off (his p3nis) because he has stolen the childhood of another person.

“By the time you begin to cut off their stick, every other person will learn. Perversion of the highest order. Sleeping with underage girls and you say your religion does not forbid it, well, the human culture abhors it.”

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