Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Sunday Oliseh Should return our 10 Million Naira - NFF

The Nigerian Football Federation has frowned at the constant accusations being leveled at the football federation by former coach Sunday Oliseh in the wake of his recent decision to withdraw his legal suit against the NFF.

The NFF in it's part has decided to review it's legal notes and serve Sunday Oliseh with letters asking him to refund the N5m paid him in lieu of his accommodation in Nigeria, and the February 2016 salary (N5m) that should serve in lieu of his one month notice of resignation.

Chairman of the NFF Technical Committee, Chris Green rejected claims by Oliseh that the NFF imposed players on him saying even the former technical committee chairman Felix Anyasi-Agwu didn't impose players on Oliseh. Green also said Oliseh loved the media attention being given to him buth that the NFF would soon serve him legal papers.

"I can vouch for Felix Anyansi-Agwu, who was chairman of the committee before me, that he is not that type of person. I was made chairman on January 16 and travelled to Rwanda on January 17, when the team for the CHAN had been composed.''  Green said to VanguardSports.

The Super Eagles have not played any match since CHAN. So, when did we have time to try and impose players on him?
"We are not in anyway moved by his vituperations. He claims we did not provide him information with regards to Egypt, but how come we have been able to provide Siasia with the same? He should respect himself and move on."
"We welcomed Oliseh with so much warmth and so much regard for his person. It is sad that he has failed to reciprocate, even at departure. He is simply full of too much talk.
"He should stop leapfrogging into unfamiliar territories, such as his mention of capacity –building program. That program was fully sponsored by corporate bodies and was never at the expense of anyone's benefits."
"How much he put Nigeria first in everything he did show in the way he abandoned ship with only weeks to crucial games.
"It is clear he wants to remain in the news for no other reason than to distract the NFF and the team from concentrating on these two crucial matches. It is very easy for people to grandstand and claim to be more patriotic and altruistic than others, but the true test remains what such people do when the chips are down.
"Oliseh showed a lack of heart in the way he left. And he was purely grandstanding when claiming some persons spoke to him to drop a law suit, when he knew from the beginning that he had no case."

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