Friday, 1 April 2016

US Secretary of State comments on rebuilding Nigeria overnight

The US Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry, on Wednesday at the US-Nigeria Binational Commission’s meeting in Washington, told the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration that the United States acknowledges Nigeria’s challenges and Buhari’s efforts and wants the country to succeed, but building Nigeria would not be an overnight operation.

“You know there are challenges.  That’s what your election was about.  And so we are all aware that the world right now is facing many different challenges in terms of governance in various parts of the world and for various reasons: absence of capital, absence of structure, having to build capacity.

“These things take time.  Nobody is pretending that it’s an overnight operation.  It wasn’t for us.  And some people sometimes are very revisionist in America about our own history, but we’ve gone through some very difficult periods and very difficult issues,” Kerry said.

Speaking further, he said; “The United States, let me be clear, is very encouraged by President Buhari’s commitment to an economy that is more diversified, less dependent on a single commodity for export earnings, and that means we need to develop sustainability.

“Sustainable growth depends on a climate that is welcoming to investment and respectful of the environment and of workers’ rights.  And we have learned in these last 25, 30 years that it is never a competition between the environment and development.

 “That is a false choice – completely false, and particularly in the context of today’s challenge of climate change.  You can develop in ways that protect the

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