Friday, 29 April 2016

Usher share Nude Photo On Snapchat

Usher bared (almost) all in a racy Snapchat on Wednesday, posting a nude photo. Check out the full picture below.

The singer was giving his fans a tour of his house via the social media site when things got steamy in more ways then one. His posts started out innocent enough, with shots of his room, art work and his bedroom. But then Usher headed towards his bathroom. Next, he took off his shirt and dropped his pants and entered his steam room.

“This is precisely the reason I have this room,” Usher said. The performer then shared a very revealing shot of himself with his goods only covered by a well-placed emoji, although it didn’t quite cover it all. “Blowinoffsteam,” he captured the naked photo. Usher proceeded to share a variety of provocative shots, all censored, of himself showering.

It doesn’t seem a bet was involved this time around. If so inclined, click to see Usher’s nude photo from his steam room Snapchat session

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