Sunday, 15 May 2016

Kogi state respond to reports of squandering security vote

Following Premium Times report that the Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya
Bello allegedly squandered over N260m 'security votes' days after
assuming office, his office has replied the media outlet saying it is
far from the truth. Here's what they sent in.
The use of the word "squander", as far as I am concerned, is a clear
abuse of the right to information. Every dime spent by the Governor
can be accounted for. He has one of the lowest Security Fund in the
nation which has even been underdrawn by his administration.
It is a public knowledge that Kogi State has been contending with
serious security breach for the past ten years. As a result of the
location of the state as gateway to many states of the federation, the
state drifted into a criminal hotbed.
Also, years of gross maladministration and blinding embezzlement has
left the youth bear, exposing them to all sort of criminal activities
to survive. Kogi became a haven of robbers and kidnappers.
As a responsible government, the Yahaya Bello administration has taken
security to the front burners by strengthening the security apparatus
and architecture in order to make Kogi inhabitable for hoodlums and
criminal elements.
Today, the security of the state has greatly improved and this has not
come without a cost. Security vote is not usually a subject for public
consumption and no cost can be higher than human lives. The Governor
will continue to prioritize security because it is one of the main
objectives of his election.
Let me also put on record that the Governor Yahaya Bello
administration is contractually committed to fighting corruption and
enthroning transparency in the polity. These are the terms of his
social contract with the Kogi people.
If you have ever been to the Kogi State Government House in Lokoja,
you will appreciate the rot of the architecture. It was not befitting
of one of the most historic Government Houses in Nigeria. In tandem
with the present administration's drive to turn the economy of the
state to a private sector driven one, we need to start our charity at
home. People must love to come to our Government House to transact
The Government House is currently undergoing massive renovation to
make it habitable and mirror the image of the state as a firs-rated
tourist destination.
Governor Yahaya Bello is an accomplished business mogul, who believes
he assumed power by the grace of God. He has reiterated his
determination, not only to block corrupt practices, but to also ensure
corrupt officials of government are made to face the wrath of the law.
The award of contract to renovate the Government House was
justifiable. Weeks after his inauguration, Governor Yahaya Bello was
operating from his home because the Government House wasn't conducive.
The award was to renovate Government House and not his personal house.
This administration has opened her account books to the people of the
state. The Governor has constantly briefed the media on the income and
expenditure of government. Massive constructions are ongoing in the
state and the Governor is focused on ensuring transparent and active
performance of this year's budget.
The antics of our opponents will be judged by the people of the state
who are already witnessing the benefits of the New Direction Programs.
The bulwark of the Yahaya Bello administration is transparency.

Kingsley Fanwo
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor

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