Friday, 20 May 2016

President Buhari statement on forced marriage

President Buhari says no Nigerian girl child should be put through the
horror of forced marriage. Buhari said this while speaking at the
state house where he received the rescued Chibok girl, Amina Nkeki and
her four month old daughter which was fathered by a Boko Haram
commander while she was in the sects captivity.
"The continuation of Amina's education, so abruptly disrupted, will
definitely be a priority of the federal government. Amina must be
enabled to go back to school. No girl in Nigeria should be put through
the brutality of forced marriage. Every girl has the right to an
education and a life choice. Although we cannot do anything to reverse
the horrors of her past, the federal government can and will do
everything possible to ensure that the rest of her life takes a
completely different course. Amina will receive the best care that the
Nigerian government can afford. We will ensure that she gets the best
medical, psychological, emotional and whatever other care she requires
to make a full recovery and be reintegrated fully into society" the
President said adding that he can only imagine all the girl who was
taken away at 17 years had to go through at such an early stage of her
life," he said.

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