Sunday, 15 May 2016

Tyga breaks silence after split from Kylie Jenner

Tyga has spoken out about his split with Kylie Jenner hinting that
their age gap played a role.
According to reports in the US, the pair split because the 18-year-old
could no longer handle his "lies" and "struggled with trust issues".
But when asked by TMZ in a candid video interview about why the two
were no longer together, Tyga, 25, takes a long time considering the
suggestions their age gap was one of the reasons.
He avoids answering the question directly instead saying in the clip:
"I think, you know, We're both just focused on our individual lives
right now and sometimes things don't work out but I love her."
Asked whether there would "always be love" between the pair he was
happy to answer with a nod: "For sure, yeah."
The rapper also addressed the news his ex Blac Chyna is expecting a
baby with Kylie's half-brother Rob, asked how he felt he laughed
before answering: "People grow and evolve.
"Everybody should have the opportunity to have love and live they life."
He did refuse to answer how he thought Rob would be as a step-father
to his three-year-old son King Cairo adding: "No. You've gone too

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