Sunday, 3 July 2016

Niger State Pay Cut - Half bread better than none by MC

According to John Maxwell, Change is difficult for all of us, yet it is essential if we want to turn our losses into gains. It's more than a year we had the polls that united Nigerians for a cause but the question we should ask ourselves is that reminds us that Every beginning ends something and every ending begins something new...

The Nigerian context is not extraordinary as change goes against tradition, it can be frightening but a person who insists on using yesterday's methods in today's world won't be in business tomorrow and we should not neglect the immediate price and end up paying the ultimate price for not changing.

It's been a trending topic in Niger state, the decision of government to pay part of salary of civil servants due to financial constraint but however we may want to buttress our argument, here's what MC had to say on the matter.


As I entered minna yesterday from my trip, the excitement that greeted me was like that of a teen reaching orgasm after a long trek through a hollow undulating terrain. As usual, the face of my minna looked like that of a young maiden yet to be deflowered by her not so many suitors. I couldn't obviously stop thinking about kano & how I wished the life it exudes could be wired to minna so as to give my little city a bit of independence. Though, I had on several occasions wondered if Niger is a cursed state not to have been lucky since it's birth to produce a governor who wouldn't be a product of mediocrity or submit himself to the supposed 'bigwigs' of Minna, both of whom have found a haven at the HILLTOP & gladly enjoyed watching the decaying scenery of my minna. If they(HILLTOPERS) care less about the affairs of the state, shouldn't the Governor as the 1st man of the state be succinct and meticulous in putting round pegs where they belong? It's obvious that he's be 'seriously' trying to put rectangle pegs in square holes. When my friend Ibrahim Akibu Ja'afaru wrote about the demerit of making our environment totally 'artificial' by replacing the vegetation with concretes and the money being sunk into the cluess project, I thought he was only agitated because of the greenery we'll lose as the environmentalist that he is. But now, I see more to that piece that he wrote.
I totally do not understand the 'level & steps' in the civil service that determines the salary scale but, if truly the Governor finally did decide to pay the civil servants 'half' salary, my question are,
#"Does the governor think he's doing them any good?".
# Wouldn't it be best to suspend other projects that aren't pressing & pay the civil servants?
# Doesn't He know that the civil service is the only life wire in Niger state?
# Does he think that a HALF BREAD IS BETTER THAN NONE.
I totally do not subscribe to the fact that its in anyway better. If a level 12 man in
# zhigi town was said to have had blood pressure risen because after all deductions were made, he realized he only had #1,200 left. I ask, is that money for airtime or buying earrings for his daughter?
Now, is truly HALF BREAD BETTER?

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