Sunday, 24 July 2016

Nigerlite Open Letter to Abuja Electricity Distribution

The Nigerlites are the most sincere ambassadors of this country especially in the aspect of generating electricity to honour her community.
We maintained decorum staying in the state of total blackout, darkness for the past 8 weeks (equivalent to 1440 hours) and no one come out to tell us what the problem is and where the problem emanates.
The sudden under statement from the AEDC that proclaimed we would "continue to remain in darkness" is a too much freedom allowed from the state citizens that respect peace to violence. I see that statement as a threat to the community where three hydro-power are situated.
The painful narration of this story is that, the Abuja that share the same power with Niger state is enjoying 22 hours of electricity per day, while Niger hardly maintain 1 hour light daily.
For Allah sake, where did we go wrong? What is our sin?
If you continue to push us, when we get to the wall that shall mark the end of the start as we will face back to what ever.
We will start from protest to shut down the company until the so-called AEDC is ready to give us the maximum honour we deserve.
I am sensing some certain reason from Niger Deltans about this un-presidented predicament governing States that deserve at least dual respect from the federal government.
We can't continue to be a coward over our right or else you shall witness our deepest annoyances, soon.

By Adamu Idris Manarakis

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