Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Open Letter to Niger State Civil Servants

This situation we find ourselves in is unfortunate. It is an unfortunate situation where we now get =N= 1.5 billion from the federation account as against the =N=5 - =N=11billion we use to get years back. Niger State spends =N=2.4 billion to pay salaries of civil servants and political appointees, with what the government gets from FAC, the government borrows to augment for the remaining =N=900,000,000. The government has so far borrowed =N= 3billion to pay for salaries, if we continue borrowing by December 2016 we will have over =N=10 billion in debt.
If we continue borrowing we will end up selling our tomorrow and creating a huge debt for the next generation to pay, which is not a wise thing to do.
For the government to work effectively it needs to pay its workers and develop the infrastructure in the state.
The government adopted a TEMPORARY MEASURE to share the federal allocation in 70%/30% ratio.
The government opened up to the public its financial condition and entered into negotiation with NLC. The state proposed to give civil servants 70% of the Federal allocation and 30% for projects that are of direct impact to the people. This 30% will be used in buying drugs for our hospital and rural health care facilities, repairing our roads, feeding our children in boarding schools. We have children in our boarding schools who are fed with =N=60 a day, per child. =N= 20 breakfast, =N= 20 lunch and =N= 20 dinner. How can they survive on =N=60 per day. Some are sleeping on the floor, some don’t have sits in their classrooms, girls schools without toilet, without fence,causing students to be raped at night.
The government is only asking for 30% to keep the state running.
However, the rumor that salary has been cut down by 50% is not true.
Since we don’t have money now, pending when our income will improve lets adopt this position of 70%/30% ratio just to keep the state running.
We do not expect this position to remain forever, i hope very soon the resources will increase and everybody will get its full salary.
It is not a policy that salary has been reduced, this is a child of neccesisty.
What we are implementing is a TEMPORARY measure, We have stopped borrowing and stated managing what we have.
Whatever comes from FAC 70% is for civil servants and the remaining 30% is for the remaining Nigerlites. Apart from from FAC allocation the federal government has given bail out, Budget Support, in which 30% goes to civil servants, 20% to pensioners, 20% for debt servicing and 30% for capital projects. The governor has also directed that resources from IGR be added to the civil servants salary, increasing the salary to 90%.
We cannot increase our IGR if we don’t have some basic amenities that will assist the increase and we need finances for it. So also we cannot get investors to come if we don’t have roads, power and water supply.
This temporary measure is not affecting only civil servants but the governor, the deputy governor, all members of the house and political appointees are affected as well.
We must pay our civil servants, this is not a situation where we have and we are refusing to pay, this is an emergency situation.
This problem was not created in one day, it was created over many years.
If we had invested when the state was receiving =N=5 - =N=11billion monthly we wouldn’t have been in this situation.
As for the recovering of our looted funds, i am assuring Nigerliets that ‘ WE WILL GET OUR MONEY BACK’! by the grace of GOD.
Investigation are ongoing and soon we will see justice.
We all, including the executive, legislative and judiciary should sacrifice for our children now.

Commissioner Jonathan Vatsa

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