Saturday, 1 October 2016

New Globacom Data Plans for Nigerians

As they pride themselves as the grand masters of data, they are setting a pace for others  but have a lot to do in the mastery of data delivery to users.

Globacom has been an outlet for offering data for value of money spent but how far can praise them concerning equality of service? I mean when most people can use these ridiculously affordable plans without hitches.

In a new move which will send shockwaves once again, Globacom Nigeria has launched an upgrade on some of its data plan.

Initially, a user can buy a 2GB data plan for 1000 Naira but there has been an upward review on the N2000 plans. See the full list of the new data plans below:

1. 1.6GB for N500 valid for 10days
2. 3.2GB for N1,000 valid for 30days
3. 7.5GB for N2,000 valid for 30days
4. 10GB for N2,500 valid for 30days
5. 12GB for N3,000 valid for 30days
6. 18GB for N4,000 valid for 30days
7. 24GB for N5,000 valid for 30days
8. 48GB for N8,000 valid for 30days
9. 2GB + 2.5GB on Campus + N2,000 airtime + 500Mb data to gift for N2,000 valid for 30days
10. 5GB + 6.25GB on Campus + N5000 airtime + 1.25GB for N5,000 valid for 30days

To Subscribe

Top up your mobile number and Dial *777#,
then choose Data Services » Buy Data » Monthly Plans.

» Follow the on-screen instructions and make the appropriate choice.

However, there has been complaints about the quality of service in specific areas so be sure to ask questions about the service in your area before opting for these great deals from Globacom Nigeria.

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