Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Ultimate Cycler Nigeria review for 2017

Once upon a time, it was the rave of the moment due to its obvious good-to-be true return on investment(roi) but the other side of humans kicked in as soon as the administrators of the system got overwhelmed by the subscriptions from Nigeria alone.

Before I continue, I would like to commend the Ultimate Cycler team who worked and periodically updated their subscribers who were anxious about its comeback. There was alot of sick fuss about the temporary glitch with some persons actually pronouncing the word 'crash' without knowing the significance in any context talkless of the Information Technology context.

The new interface/web environment which looks better and appealing to everybody of varying I.T knowledge has some features that have to be spelt in this post.

It is a 2 x 2 matrix system, as we read on the dashboard or homepage but do you understand such model? In simple description, it means everybody has to work; encourage friends and family to sign up with at least two people directly so that you can reap the benefits of the cycling scheme.

In 2016, most people tend to shy away from talking to people about such schemes due to reasons known to them but we forget years back the same persons were marketers of companies that employed the power of leverage otherwise known as multilevel marketing.

What ever school of thought you belong to concerning schemes like this, you can do the world a favour by letting those with the guts to succeed to do their 'work' because your mockery will one day haunt you.

Back to the matter, the system/algorithm randomly picks uplines for people who stumble onto the website or visit the website out of curiousity to register under as a referee and if you are in the bandwagon of persons not willing to work as mentioned above, how long do you want to wait for your name to pop up for someone while knowing there is no limit to how long you can wait for such random match up.

There are groups that offer services to find downlines for you for a fee or free but be careful as there are persons who also have mischievious intent for lazy people or greedy people.

Before i round up, here are some observations i have from the ultimate cycler system;

Lets imagine you have two persons after you register under someone and you want to hasten your cycling, register one of the two under your referral link, who would pay to the person above you and then the next person should be registered with the your new downline so that you can get paid. If we are able to implement this ultimate cycler hack, people would appreciate the initiative and spread the word.

Secondly, please dont promise what you can not give your new sign ups or prospective ultimate cycler downlines. It is funny when you read or listen to people who lie for selfish gains of filling up the available two slots(downlines) but forget that the payment begins from the downlines of the two people/downlines that register under their victims. So be plain and tell everybody interested that it is a win-win situation where everyone works as a team.

Guide your login details, desist from using phone numbers as password on ultimate cycler and quit saving your password for browsers to remember as your brain has the capacity to store anything you give to it....

It is advisable to use google chrome browsers on our smartphone while filling your payment details on ultimate cycler as mozilla firefox display files that are not relevant to you.

The ultimate cycler admin fee of $10 is not compulsory but it would be nice if you intend to go above the 12,500 which seems like the safe haven for most people and as i write this post, the grace period has been extended to 31st December, 2016.

This post on ultimate cylcer might be lengthy but if you have been enlightened dont keep this info to your self, please share and feel free to comment with your observations and questions. Cheers and here is my referral link

After the page loads, click join now below to proceed. Thank you.

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