Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How to GH with MMM Nigeria GH limit

t is no news that mmm Nigeria is back and still getting the publicity which anybody would kill for, literally. The comeback is eleven days and as expected the panic of the 'system' crashing like the predicament of some copy cats has heightened following some strategies to balance the request to get help and receive help.

In case you dont know, MMM ideology states that there are no guarantees or promises while participating in the community and can be echoed in the terms and agreement or the red labelled warning in the personal office dashboard.

That said, we would like to inform you that you can get help without the request or order being deleted as noticed after the temporary introduction of the 31,000 get help limit.

To get the traditional orange box/tab sort of approval that your order is being processed,

Click on get help

Follow the instructions leading to mavro page, where you select the amount you wish to withdraw.

Make sure you have seen the limit for withdrawal before cashing out your mavro.

Click in the box next to 'all' and fill in 15000 and click next to proceed to the confirmation page which subsequently present to us a familiar orange box telling us it is being processed.

As at the time of this post, the GH request is not automatic and will gradually pick up. Have any question? Share it with us
,we will be glad to respond to it/them.

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