Thursday, 19 January 2017

How to organise meeting on your Android Phone

If you need to set up web conferencing, online training, or live meeting, you should try to find a conferencing company that will give you the tools you will need to make everyone attending the meeting feel welcome and informed. Gotomeeting is a great place to start. With many options to choose from, you will be able to schedule large and small meetings online and conduct training seminars for those who need them. When you set up a net meeting, you will have to first find out how many people will be participating in the meeting and which times zones they are located in. This will make setting up a time that is convenient for everyone much easier.

After you have confirmed how many people will be in attendance, you should download the gotomettng app on google playstore, contact go to meeting and set the date and time you will need. Online meetings usually take an hour or more, so you should ask for extra time in case the meeting runs over. When the date and time have been confirmed, you should make everyone attending the meeting has the information they will need to dial into the meeting and the times when they should do so. Internet web conferencing can be very valuable when everyone attends. If there are people who cannot attend, they may be able to hear a recording of the meeting later on.

When conducting online training, you will need to use online training software that will help you display graphics, text, live video if needed. For a web conference, there is usually a presentation by one or two people. Being able to watch a presentation makes understanding the information being presented easier. With online collaboration, one or more people may be able to give the same presentation. Training seminars usually last as long as meetings. Presentation software is also available when people are giving longer presentations. You should have all of this software available in case someone needs to use it.

A web conferencing service can help you with any questions you may have about an upcoming meeting. They will be able to give you advice on which web conferencing software to purchase, which web collaboration tool to use, and which collaboration software to buy when more than one person will be giving a presentation. These and other web conferencing solution for webex will make any meeting or online training session even better. You should ask the presenters before the web meeting what they will need in terms of web collaboration and web conferencing tool they will need a few days before the meeting. This will give you enough time to find and test before the web meeting so that the meeting is a success.

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