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Is it bad to wear makeup to the gym?

Is it bad to wear makeup to the gym

We all have come up with a question of whether it’s good or bad to wear makeup to the gym or not. We tried to answer this question after asking Cecilia Wong, aesthetician and founder of Cecilia Wong Skincare and here’s what we’ve found.
The Wash Cycle
If you wash your face before you work out, it doesn’t mean you’re exempt from washing it after — each rinse serves its own purpose. It’s important to cleanse your skin first to remove all makeup and any bacteria that could enter your pores while you're sweating. It's equally important to wash your face as soon as possible after to remove any germs and dirt that may have accumulated during the workout, explains Cecilia.

Is it bad to wear makeup to the gym

If time is really of the essence and you can only wash once, whether you do it before or after depends on your makeup routine. “If you’re using heavy, oil-based makeup, it’s very important to wash it off before working out," says Dr. Nazarian. "This type of makeup is more likely to cause damage when your skin temperature rises and you start to sweat. Otherwise, if you wear light powder or BB cream, the likelihood of harm to your skin is much less, and rinsing off the sweat and bacteria following a workout becomes more important."

So if you insist on wearing makeup while you work out, stick to light powders and BB creams rather than heavy liquid foundation. Look for labels that say "noncomedogenic," meaning the product won’t clog your pores. "Choose foundations with more natural, organic, and clean ingredients, as they are often lighter in weight," adds Wong.

Beyond Your Base

It's not just your face makeup you need to worry about; don't overlook the stuff you put on your lips and eyes. “Although the potential for these beauty products to do harm is minimal, they’re likely to smear and smudge during a vigorous workout, and can clog delicate the pores around your eyes and mouth, leading to styes of the eyelids and blackheads around the lips,” warns Dr. Nazarian.

Some skin-care professionals advise opting for waterproof eyeliner and mascara in the gym if you really want to wear them, but Dr. Nazarian thinks those formulas should be off-limits, too. “The non-budge mascara and eyeliner may be worse, because they tend to be less breathable and adhere tighter to the skin,” she says.

Is it bad to wear makeup to the gym

Finally, take a look at the skin-care products in your gym bag. Wong suggests washing your face with a gentle cleanser (alcohol-free wipes are acceptable, although not quite as effective), spraying it with a toner, and applying a light moisturizer before and after working out. She says, “Skip the heavy moisturizers with thickening agents like dimethicone, as they can lead to clogged pores."
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