Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year Open letter to Niger state

Welcome to 2017! It is with great optimism i write my first post in 2017, a day after our anniversary being on the internet as well as minds of you, our dear friends.

Like one of music artiste once said, echi di ime 'tomorrow is pregnant' which coincidentally describes the feeling of most people in this new beginning as nobody can imagine what awaits us unless in some rare situations.

It can be routine and most times boring at this time of the year as people utter words that exalt their decision towards achieving set goals before a visit to the reality parlour but in this short piece, i hope to remind us that nothing good comes easy so when you set targets for yourself and the results are not favourable do a re-evaluation and not quit.

Back to base in minna, Niger state, so much to talk about but few to stress upon. Niger State is blessed! You would not understand the emphasis on the exclamation until you become a tourist like i was in Kainji/New Bussa recently. It was breathe taking seeing the pictorial kainji dam come alive before my eyes and see the famous kainji park which is said to be largest in Africa.

We value not our resources was my conclusion and wish to remind us that it is cheaper and exciting to spend holidays at tourist sites in Nigeria no matter the conditions we say there are currently in.

There was the change begins with me campaign and it was politicized as usual without reflecting on the significance of the subject which beckons for revamp in the human resources department of Nigeria.

As i round up, i would like to say thank God for this recession because Nigerians had stopped being innovative at some point needed a push such as our predicament which i believe will fade away into prosperity.

Let us be positive yet remember that in the midst of challenges they make us better persons for the future. Do not forget to always call on God for guidance and say no to AFRICAN TIME TURN NIGERIAN TIME!

Happy New Year!

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