Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Review of Community Scam

It is a new year and as i wrote some days ago, it is pregnant with uncertainty which could be good, the bad or ugly. As the world await the comeback of some ponzi schemes that rocked the internet and places like Nigeria, it is paramount that i should inform or remind us that following the temporary shutdown of activities on MMM Nigeria and MMM United some parties have coined their so called peer to peer system to mislead and defraud innocent investors seeking ROI (Return on Investment.

Some persons might be of the opinion that no good thing comes easy hence the fate of some persons that have fallen victim of such fake scheme such as the one, i am about to review in this post. It is a scheme tagged GMA Funds which can be accessed on the internet with domain Upon completon of the registration process as promoted on blogs and social networks, the participant is expected to be given details of somebody to pay some certain amount of bitcoins with the minimum starting balance of $10 worth of bitcoin which is determined by the exchange rate.

The interface of the dashboard is quite simple to understand and has a feel of the popular MMM dashboard. The message on the webpage as seen in the snapshot is a promise to make 100% of your starting amount in bitcoins with an extra 20% referral and new registration bonus. The online support of this said website is always offline and the favicon 'B' seen in the address tab on the web browser application has nothing to do with the identity of the GMA Funds.

It is unfortunate to say that when you are matched with someone to pay/transfer an amount of bitcoin and you upload proof of payment, your timer will not stop reading/ticking as it does on other platforms that employ such techniques to checkmate delayed payments. This mischief or system error as it may be will result to your request been seen as a delay of payment and subsequently you are blocked from login on the webpage as spelt out on the website.

The support as i earlier mentioned are not responsive to such abnormale and hence you would forfeit your hard earned money to accounts details which do not exist but have active bitcoin address. It wont be the only outfit to deceive people but as you read this post, please share this message to friends who might fall victim to this enticing ROI offer of GMA Funds who use the social network to advertise the fraudulent act of collecting money from persons and allowing the system to suspend your account leading to huge regrets in 2017.

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