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Niacinamide cream – what can it do for your skin?

Niacinamide cream – what can it do for your skin

Niacinamide is a particular form of niacin (or vitamin B3) and it has plenty of benefits for the skin. You can find this substance in all types of foods, including beans, veggies, barley, whole leaf greens, fish, meat, and eggs.
There’s also a high chance that you will find niacinamide in supplements or creams such as the Body Merry Breakthrough night cream. Nutritionists recommend you should get your niacinamide from other sources as well. If you were to only depend on the food that you ate, you would have deficiencies in other areas as a result.
Why Do We Need Niacinamide?
As mentioned, niacin and niacinamide are two crucial nutrients for our body. Since they are water soluble, any excess will be removed through urine and will not be stored in the body. As a result, if you want to keep being healthy, you need a regular intake of niacin and niacinamide.
So why would we need niacinamide? Well, for one, it levels your cholesterol level to a normal. It works by keeping your arteries healthy and maintaining a proper blood sugar level. If you don’t have enough of this vitamin in your system, then your brain, nervous system and digestive system won’t be able to function the way they should.
The Miracle of Niacinamide Creams
Doctors are only now discovering how to “play” with niacinamide. This led to the creation of many niacinamide creams like Acnessentials to help improve our skin conditions.
When they started experimenting with niacinamide cream, it was early 2005. Several women that showed aging signs were treated using this type of product. They realized that those who used it showed more signs of improvement than the women who received the placebo.
It was also shown that niacinamide creams can make sunscreen more effective. They protect you from free radicals and skin discolorations.
Reasons Why You Should Buy Niacinamide Cream
We discussed what niacinamide does for us on a large scale; but what about some particular cases? Well, here are some excellent suggestions why you should add creams based on niacinamide in your beauty routine.

· It Boosts the Skin’s Immunity
Your skin is packed with cells known as Langerhans. They have the job of repairing your epidermis and protecting it from further damage. These little guys are pretty shy, so if you go into the sun and get a tan, they’ll be retreating as far away as possible. This means that they will leave you with without any protection and natural immunity against external factors and microbes. It will be much easier for you to get precancerous lesions this way. Thus, a niacinamide cream may actually help those cells stand against various harmful agents.

· It Works Against Wrinkles
If you are reaching your thirties and notice that fine lines are beginning to appear, then you might want to give niacinamide creams a try. They work by boosting the collagen production, which is crucial in filling in those deep lines. Plus, it makes the skin more flexible, so that you can prevent future cases of wrinkles.

· Prevents Hyperpigmentation
Some people are blessed with a beautiful tan that looks gorgeous on the skin. Still, other individuals always get irregular blotches that don’t look that great.
The reason behind this is that the melanin transfer to your epidermis is not even, so when you get tanned, you only tan the melanin at the surface. If you treat your skin with niacinamide cream, it will help you even out the melanin; this way, you can avoid these nasty cases of hyperpigmentation.

· It Regulates the Oil Flow
People with oily skin, rejoice! There’s actually a way for you to prevent your skin from getting oily without scrubbing it with water continuously. Niacinamide creams will offer a natural lipid barrier that will help moisturize the skin, keeping the oil flow under control. Since your skin will no longer be deprived of its nutrients, it will not feel the need to turn into an oily mess to “hydrate” it.

· It Acts as an SPF Cream
Niacinamide is very efficient in protecting the skin from infrared light, which makes it perfect to take out into the sun. It prevents the free radicals from affecting your skin. Thus, it is able to prevent cases of dangerous pigmentation. Using niacinamide cream on a regular basis may even save you from cancer.

· It Prevents Skin from Looking Dull and Shallow
Many things can make our skin look dull, shallow and tired. It can be stress; it can be an unhealthy diet – it can be anything. A niacinamide cream will help reverse these signs and act as an antioxidant that will bring your skin back to life. A thorough treatment will allow you to regain your natural shine so that you will look young once again.
What We Need to be Careful Of
While niacinamide is a gold mine for people with various skin conditions, you shouldn’t use it if you have liver disease, a history of ulcer or problems with gout. Also, excessive alcohol consumption is also something you should avoid if you want to take on a niacinamide treatment.
If you are pregnant, you should know that you must not take more than 35 mg of niacinamide every day, since it may affect the fetus. If you use it as a treatment for acne, start with a small amount of cream and see how it is tolerated. If you see any reactions – peeling of the skin or redness – you should immediately stop the treatment and contact your doctor.
Final Thoughts
Niacinamide cream is perfect as a skin protective agent. It prevents sunburns and it keeps your skin tone even. At the same time, it nourishes, hydrates and also prevents age lines from appearing.

Next time you buy a nourishing cream or a miracle serum, ask the sellers this: does it have niacinamide listed as an ingredient? If it does, then you shouldn’t think twice about taking it home with you.  
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