Monday, 19 June 2017

AndelaALC17: How the Android journey began in 2017

Andela Android Learning Community - Niger State

If anybody had whispered to me, 'Bro, you would write a line of code and wait for it to be parsed...' I might feel offended because of some little details about myself I put in this piece.

It seemed like a normal day, I was on the internet seeking something interesting to read about and I stumbled on this page, that seemed like 'those pages' which redirect you to an interface of user input boxes and there it was, an exception that described Andela. A name that resonated familiarity owing to the fact that a friend got hooked up while I was leaving college/university.

I was happy for him, wishes enveloped my mind and unknown to me that virtue called Hope got stronger at the prospect of  a working with/for Andela.

If you can, rewind the hands of time and you might figure out that I am guilty of self doubt in programming but in Andela Android Learning Community; a initiative made possible by Udacity, Google and Andela, I got  challenged and now I can beat my small chest and exclaim 'I can code...'

The journey was not rosy as this read might depict but it was worth it. There were moments I felt like the world depended on my meager effort at that moment werent yielding results. I don't like the rookie status because in the quest to get off such status, I wander off and don't finish what I start. There are so many memories that I will always cherish owing to the enthusiasm that didn't want to quench. One of such memories include My final project, it was the highlight and almost quashed the little desire to be a Java programmer. XML was piece of cake and going through the course content with our tutors was going smooth until the dreaded bug hit me.

I could not find the solution in the course material at that time because of brain The world seemed to be on my head, who would I turn to, I felt like someone who had people I could not disappoint by not knowing and in that instance I remembered one of those voices that echo 'google is your friend'.

In Google, I trusted, our new found forum, stack overflow seemed the obvious destination but it got worse and the rest you would not want to know happened... I found help in our facilitators and guys on the Andela Slack channel who can adopt a new middle name 'awesome'.

It has been an experience with great significance to my outlook for 2017 and beyond but it would not be possible without the great minds at Andela who put this idea together and in a silent voice, reminded us of the essence of working as a team regardless of the level of knowledge on the subject. The journey doesn't stop here and as you read this piece, I enjoin you to break away from the mentality that you can't do it and start to live the new reality of What if I try to do it...

Thanks to Andela and special shout out to NC 9 Andela team in Minna, Niger state and our host for all our meet up sessions.


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