Saturday, 21 October 2017

MinnaTechMeetup 2.0 - You dont need to be a genius to learn Tech.

minna technology meetup

Anything worth doing should be done well. The stage was set in our debut of MinnaTechMeetup, a forum where like minds in information communication technology come together to interact and learn. It is put together by Mxcliq in collaboration with Niger State Book and other Intellectual Resource Development Agency and Google Developer Group, Minna. Experience remains the best teacher because in it alot of if and else situations arise... hehe. As the anticipation for this meetup grew it also coincided with examination period of some students who could not make it and as we do as a community we were with them in spirit as they wrote well. There were lots of interesting presentation on deck starting with OhMercy, who spoke to us about Virtual Reality Technology and got the house in the mood to interact. Some shared interesting experience using one of those handy gadgets and raised the eagerness of some first timers who were opportune to have a cardboard type of this gadget. 

Abdulmaleek, a cybersecurity undergraduate took the stage and my goodness did a great job presenting a prelude about Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence which got me thinking how calculus is easy because he said so... He spoke about the basics of AI as it is fondly called, gave a tip for developers who intend to use Python scripts for bot creation to use C# (C Sharp) to help in response time. Meet Up are meant for interaction that awakens a part of your developer instincts or tighten some loose bolt or get you inspired to do what needs to be done, which you feel is a lonely fight. 

As I revert to the subject of this text, the participants were given a hint about the power and features of Google Firebase product by Sunday Malgwi; Android Lead, Google Developer Group,Minna which somewhat was a follow up or application of what Mr. Abdulmaleek blessed us with. In a nutshell, Google Firebase which has the option to try for free has the power to handle the process of user authentication, deployment of cloud database, help in the indexing of mobile apps and it is cross platform (it is not restricted to Android, which is google product). As you look forward to the excerpts of the next presenter, i would like to let you know, it was a privilege speaking to this audience about Git, a type version control system which helps to manage development and create possibility of collaboration amongst like minds without disrupting the main code. I was able to speak about the steps to checking the git version on a computer system using command prompt or some cases terminal by launching these applications and typing git --version followed by pressing enter which reveals either an unknown command or the current version of git which can be downloaded at ( we also discussed about creating a repository and stressed the need to familiarize with any git platform. Words can not be enough to describe the experience during the meetup and urge you to watch out for the next one coming soon. It was an event that created an impression and left a mark in history because of its impact radiating from the feedback from some participants. We hope to continue with this cause and sustain it as much as we can. 
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