Monday, 26 March 2018

Minna Tech. Meetup: How we marched for Git Version Control

In February, there was an event in Federal Uiversity of Technology, Minna (Gidan Kwano Campus) where the fundamentals of Git was discussed and as a way to stress the need for Git in the work flow of practitioners in information technology, we put together another event tagged 'March for Git'.

Minna Technology Meetup held its seventh edition over the weekend and in normal tradition we learnt and shared our experience about the trends in technology. This edition which is somewhat a recap of an event as aforementioned, we went through how to use Git version control system and how to create a static site generated blog powered by Jekyll, a tool powered by Ruby programming language and Git.

Git is a distributed version system that enables users keep track of changes made on a particular file or collection of files. It helps in promoting collaboration among team members towards actualizing the release of an update for an existing I.T solution or start up of a new project. With git, you are able to work without being physically present, you are able to share your ideas when you contirbute existing projects on public git repositories.

As Umar Auna, Program Manager of Google Developer Group took us throught the basics of Git, it was interesting to note how the participants took to their command line to achieve the aim of this meetup; to create a project and publish/push it a public area where anyone can view and also contribute to using git syntax. Before you begin, you have make sure you have git software downloaded and installed on your computer. To verify if you have git, launch your command prompt or powershell and type git and hit the enter key on your keyboard, the consequent output message will reveal the status of your system. You can download git from and follow the instructions to complete the installation. Git command instructions become familiar to you as you use them hence the need not to memorise or 'cram' these instructions.

Mr. Auna was able to assist the participants create a html file and intialize git on this project so that changes made to it would be tracked. It is was hands on practical and an experience that we believe that will encourage these participants to make use of git in their work flow. After the break session, there was a brief explanation of Static Site Generators (SSG) and why they should be considered as an alternative to the conventional website we have today. The objective of the second sesssion was to create a blog powered by jekyll, a tool powered by Ruby Programming language and didnt require us to write any line of code. We forked a project on github and configured it to suit our need and there it was, we had built a blog that wont be needing a any database queries and the loading time is impressive.

There are alot of benefits having the basic knowledge of Git and version control system in general. As a community, we would strive to improve the interaction with such tools while providing a platform to network and learn great ways to be better at what we do. Hope to see you in our future meetups and we solicit your support towards the project to preach and practice technology in Niger State.

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