Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Forgotten Formula For Business Success

Everyone’s looking for: the new angle, the undeveloped niche, the ‘vein of gold’ just waiting to be mined. Anything seems possible if we just work harder, better, faster than the next marketer waiting to capitalize on an opening.

You know you can do it but you feel you need that extra effort, greater insight, that flash of inspiration to just show you how. What if you could just do a little more, a little faster, a little better.

This is the mindset we have been programmed to accept. One of ‘more effort = greater reward’. We believe that with constant effort and determination, we will naturally attain our goals.

But this is only half the truth and, on its own, is a recipe for ultimate failure. Sounds harsh? Well it should! That’s how we’ve been taught to react.

We strive forward, working ever harder, searching ever deeper and pushing ourselves, both physically and mentally, to an ever-increasing extent. We stay that little longer at the PC, do that little bit more research, read that extra report, filling ourselves with information, searching for new ideas.

The result of all this unrealized pressure is ‘STRESS’.

Now, I hear you shouting at the screen, “I’m not stressed! I can work hours without getting uptight and still perform. Who does this guy think he is?”

Please allow me a moment to explain what I mean.

It is very true that we all need a certain amount of stress in order to become motivated and grow; so what is the problem? We all have internal stress coping-mechanisms that were originally developed to cope with potentially life-threatening situations, the so called “fight or flight” response.

However, these biochemical changes are all too frequently brought into play by other factors nowadays, from meeting deadlines or receiving bills to worrying about the solution to a new project. When this occurs and the body is placed in an almost constant state of alert, the adrenal glands become depleted and we become tense, tired, irritable, even depressed and especially unfocused and so less productive.

Almost all of our bodily functions can be affected. This includes: digestive disorders, weakened immune system and a whole host of other physical problems.

We thought we were just working harder but in reality, when we reach this point and are not releasing this tension, we are achieving less – and that’s never a good state of play.

By allowing yourself the time, and I’m talking about just a few minutes here, to stop, breathe deeply and relax effectively, you can soon reap the rewards. You become more focused, more inspired, more effective and more motivated.

Time is a commodity that is in short supply – use it effectively. Make a powerful investment today – stop, relax and prosper.

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